What we overlooked.

Personal health insurance.

Territorial coverage.

Only in Thailand

Period of insurance.

1 year

Period covered.

24 hours a day.


Health insurance policy will provide coverage for any expenses for medical treatment of illness or
Injuries, illnesses and accidents are as follows.

1. Benefits for Patients in Hospital (In-patient) is a benefit for the services.
The treatment of patients within the hospital as a result of injury or illness will be provided.
Cover expenses for room and meals during their stay in hospital treatment. The services provided.
During treatment, the hospital stay. The fee for the surgery. Medication - offers physical therapy scabies.
The use of anesthesia services, ambulance and the doctor. For surgery.Supervision by a doctor.
Medical emergency. Because of injury and must be treated within 24 hours after the accident.
Otherwise, disability or life-threatening. It may not have to stay in the hospital for treatment. (Outpatient treatment).
Including the operating room and anesthesia fees.

2. Benefits for outpatient hospital (Out-patient) is beneficial for the treatment.
Hospital or medical clinic. A medical license based art without the disease.
Admission to the hospital within Due to injury or illness. Will pay the costs actually incurred.
But not exceeding the limit specified in the policy.
- Doctor's fee.
- The drug as prescribed.
- The X-ray and the normal order of a physician.


1. Suicide or deliberate self-injury.

2. Now up - and passenger aircraft is not registered for carrying passengers or while driving.
Or employees in any aircraft.

3. War, revolution, insurrection, riot or strike.

4. Nuclear weapons. And radioactivity

5. To act as military police or volunteers.

6. Get checkups.

7. Protection has more than 65 years of age.

8. For pleasure or health treatment.

9. Diagnosis. Except for treatment in hospital for at least 8 hours.

10. The treatment of neurotic and psychotic chronic alcoholism. Dental Association for drug addiction, venereal disease or defect.
The body is innate.

11. Neutering.

12. Eye glasses, dental treatment and dental examination, the hearing aid.Pacemakers and surgery.
So beautiful. Unless necessary for repairs. Or mitigate damage to the insured. Or received.
Coverage suffered injuries due to accidents.

13. Physiotherapy services. Or medical examination. Or detected by X-rays. Or other purposes.
The check-ups.

14. It does not cover medical treatment of the insured or covered before.
Insurance is in effect. Insurance is not effective until the insured or be protected.
To cure it.
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