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TQM Cidkarใhye reinsurance business to the game. Cwgแkn Muang Thai Life Insurance - Insurance. Co-produced drama about community theater company, a happy ending in a comedy series. The hope is that businesses face. For the insurance industry ...!!!
Mr. G. Flora Patong Beach Lin, president of TQM Insurance Broker Co., Ltd. as one of the co-production of this drama, said that the company has partnered with insurance companies and insurance companies in Thailand.Creation of a pleasure to play the role of the insurance industry to the next step. The insertion of understanding. And a positive attitude for the Thai people about insurance. To risks that arise in life. And help during the crisis.
At the company. Try to be creative to keep customers happy and continuing through the project.
TQM factor, with a club, a club that is happiness. Fun to learn. And society.Without having to pay to buy a membership application, it has a chance to win prizes. The project. Match the content of the drama to the story. To gain pleasure to give to the audience, only a small part of it. That contributes to the good stuff. And entertain with a motto to remind people.
Every society needs to be happy. But the insurance was seen as a remote. In the past, we tried to do to close it. And give consumers the benefits of insurance. It may be related to the story's content, such as when they are injured. The story claims. There are grants to help and if the insurance or insurance. It will be convenient to have enjoyed even more so.
However, the Thai Life Insurance Company. Join in this time. Family club due to the company. Is similar to Thai Smile Club, and the two companies have the same purpose. To provide entertainment. Returns a list of existing customers. The insurance. Care concept with you every step. A company that clearly cares for customers, so when this collaboration. It is a truly happy customer.
Nat Rattana, Ph.D., Director of Business News infinite Retail Insurance Company Ltd. (Thailand) said that the company realizes that happiness is possible, when we feel uncomfortable, so we have to secure insurance.and ensure life and property. Because if there are any unexpected events.To run the danger of a mechanism to help alleviate the damage caused to the insured to have the same pre-disaster insurance. Assume that we are involved in this part can be a joy to happen to our society.
Brand New Computer Porn Boonyaruttapunth was assistant managing director of Muang Thai Life Assurance. The company's cutting-edge brain revealed that, in conjunction with the cooperation of the TQM Insurance Broker Co., the nation's leading broker and partner of the company. I made the comment.
Comedy about a happy home in line with the policy of the company.Emphasizes that everyone is happy and smiling in the corner of the insured. With life insurance. It has a carefree feel of the Muang Thai Life Assurance and be able to bear the risk of a life fully and enjoy their favorite activities.
The company will be inserted in the knowledge and the importance of life insurance benefits and the activities of the Thai Smile Club in the body gently. Edu tainment is a presentation of the interference of knowledge and joy together with easily accessible. When the audience then have the knowledge and positive attitude to life and we love it even more.

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Life Insurance Knowledge:Life Insurance , private, death, employee pensions and annuities,life insurance, educational, life insurance companies
.Life Insurance Knowledge:Life Insurance , private, death, employee pensions and annuities,life insurance, educational, life insurance companies

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