Insuring your life after surviving cancer

If you have managed to survive cancer and fully recover from the condition then insuring your life will become more feasible for you. And there are certain strategies you can employ for lowering your premiums. Which will certainly tend to be higher in your specific situation. 

First, you should accumulate all the medical paperwork that you can before you actually apply for an insurance policy. You have to possess all the records starting with the first diagnosis to the actual records of your treatment and recovery period. The more detailed your cancer history will be in the documents - the better. This will allow the insurance company to get the full picture of your health and better asses the risk they are taking by insuring your life. This will also make your application process a lot faster. Insurance companies tend to appreciate their future customers who are willing to provide as much information as needed when applying. When there's not much information the insurers will tend to get suspicious and this could be reflected in your premiums. So your first goal you should aim for is to assure the company that you're perfectly healthy and provide evidence of your successful treatment and recovery. 

Second, you should provide proof that you have followed your doctor's treatment plan exactly as prescribed. For example, if your doctor has asked you to pay him a visit for a regular check in a year after the treatment and you haven't shown up, it's better to make this visit before you apply for insurance. Most companies won't agree to insure you if they don't have the results of such a checkup. Even if you have undergone a medical examination and you are scheduled to have the next one soon after you actually apply for life insurance, the insurance company will still wait for the results of the scheduled checkup before giving you an answer.

Third, you have to shop around before you make a decision. A lot of buyers tend to get their life insurance from the company they already get other forms of insurance from (car insurance, home insurance). However, you should look for life insurance quotes from companies that specialize in providing life insurance first. Get as many quotes as you can and compare all the conditions besides the possible rates. The difference can be really important and it's not only the price that matters - you want to consider your coverage amounts and special provisions in order to make sure that you will receive all the benefits as expected. 

Fourth, if there's a possibility for you to insure your life under a group policy - go for it. Certain trade unions, professional associations and other groups provide group policies for insuring lives, especially if you're working at a high risk job. Such policies usually have lower premiums than individual policies. 

Fifth, think about a "graded" policy in case you cannot afford getting full death benefits. Such policies initially provide only the premiums and part of the death benefits in case a person dies due to a condition that was present before the policy was actually signed. In case the person dies after a specific period, the insurance company will pay out full benefits even if it was due to a condition like cancer. 

Remember that it's possible to get your life insured even if you have suffered from cancer and survived. Provide proof of your good health condition and choose the best policy out the to get the lowest rates!

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