Insuring your life under a high risk

There are different reasons for purchasing high risk insurance policies that insure the customer's life. However, insurance specialists outline two major reasons for doing so that dominate over other factors:

1. The customer takes part in dangerous and risky activities (mountain climbing, scuba diving, piloting an airplane, etc.)

2. The customer has a special health concern that decreases life expectancy (diabetes, heart problems, cancer, HIV, etc.)

In both cases an insurance company will regard such a customer as a high risk that is expensive to insure, And this will definitely reflect in the insurance premiums such a client will be charged with, since the only way an insurance provider will undertake a higher risk is by getting paid more.

Fortunately there are ways you can insure your life even if you fall into one of the groups mentioned above. There are agencies and providers that specialize in covering high risk clients and this is what you should look for if you want to get good life insurance that will cover you to the right extent. 

Many people get denied coverage because they have sleep apnea or diabetes. However, a good insurance agent can find a provider who will be willing to provide both term and whole life insurance coverage to a customer with serious health condition. There are even experts who work only with high-risk clients as the revenue for insuring such a client is much higher for an agent than working with typical risk clients. And it's a win-win situation, where the customer gets the coverage he was looking for and the agent gets his money for finding a good provider for this client. 

Most insurance providers use special life expectancy tables that help them determine the rates for each age, sex and health condition group of customers they work with. However, there are some providers that use the concept of clinical medical underwriting. This concept takes into account medical advances, reports and lifestyle changes a person takes to improve his or her life expectancy as compared to other customers from the same demographic group. So if you're a high risk customer you will definitely want to deal with an insurance provider who is using this concept when evaluating future customers. Ask your insurance agent when looking for life insurance quotes about the way the provider assesses risk with its new customers and stick to those who won't charge you with higher premiums just because you have diabetes without considering your treatment or lifestyle.

So there's no reason to get desperate just because you make part of a high risk group and your insurance premiums may be higher than for other customers. There are effective ways you can get your life insured and do it at a very reasonable price without overpaying. You'll just need to spend more time while shopping around for a policy and you will definitely find exactly what you need to get covered to the right extent. Work with your insurance agent or look for a high-risk insurance expert to address your situation properly and you will get what you need for a reasonable amount of money sooner or later.

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