How to Lower Senior Car Insurance

When it comes to driving, age doesn't often play a significant role, until you go shopping for an insurance policy. Unfortunately there are two demographic groups that fall into high risk driver categories based on age alone. These groups are at opposite ends of the spectrum, on one side we have young drivers paying huge insurance premiums, and the opposite side of the spectrum, the seniors are also paying car insurance as a high risk driver. The reason for this is based on statistics like the ones that come from the Institute of Advanced Motoring, that show in one year alone, New York experienced 550 serious car collisions where the driver was over the age of 70. The simple fact is that the over 65 group is a high risk driver group based on many factors, and members of this group will see higher insurance as a result, even if they've never had an accident. Here we will talk about why, and how to go around that if you are looking for lower car insurance and fall in this age group.

Statistically speaking from a quotes standpoint, drivers over the age of 70 will likely see insurance premiums as high as 33% higher than a 50 year old. These hikes keep jumping up with age, and by the age of 80, some drivers can't even get insurance at all. In younger years where women see traditionally lower rates than men, this changes as time passes, and older women are seeing even more hikes than their male counterparts of the same age.

There are many reasons for this. Women become more nervous as drivers as they age, and get flustered faster which leads them right into more collisions. In addition, for both men AND women, reaction times when driving and eyesight changes are a mere biological fact of life, and affect the driving records of those over the age of 65. In addition, elderly drivers have a tendency to be more confused and disoriented at the scene of an accident than those that aren't considered seniors. All of these standard factors of aging are all reasons why those in the over 65 group see higher rates than those in most younger demographics.

But hope is not lost, there are a few steps you can take if you fall into this older age bracket that will still help you see lower car insurance. If you can build a no claims record with one insurance company over time,that will help you get lower rates with other companies in the future if you want to switch. Driver's education courses are also now being offered for seniors in many states as an effort to help them reduce their insurance costs. If you need to lower your car insurance quotes, you may want to look for insurance companies that will allow this discount for you.

As well, comparison shopping will always be an excellent way to lower your car insurance quotes. Today's insurance business is very competitive, even in high risk driver's categories such as seniors. If you have a good driving and insurance record, you are already well equipped to see good discounts on insurance, and many insurance companies will weight your history more than your age and you should see lower car insurance quotes as a result.

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