Teachers of the law as well.

Teachers of the law as well.

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Law teacher must be the learned legal experts who dedicates to legal education with high standard of conduct, to teach their students, with love and with pleasure to be the good lawyers with grand manner in order to build up a just and orderly society for public peace. and well being of the people.
Teachers of the law must be qualified in law. Which is dedicated to the study of Law with high ethics. To teach students with love and cheerful. To law students and lawyers as good and noble To create a fair society. And orderly. To public peace and welfare of the people (from the moral and legal responsibilities of lawyers. Activation and performance lecturer played by the school district, Prapฤttis Sukl Ratana Methi p. 41).
Many of you may wonder if the teachers are very different.
National Education Act of 2542, the definition of teachers who teach in Section 4 that
"Instructors" means teachers and faculty in educational institutions at different levels.
"Teacher" means professional personnel with major responsibilities in the teaching and learning of students in various ways. In schools, both public and private sectors.
"Staff" means personnel with major responsibilities in teaching and research in higher education, degree of public and private sectors.
* The author is a senior teacher for not excel. But in real life, the authors are respected. And believe in this profession. Since a primary school - high school life when I have to join this profession on their own. I love it. Respect for and believed to be more education for teachers of senior current and former employees and dominate dominate dominate their excellent work. Worthy of future generations will remember as the perturbations. For example, a teacher who passed away in the past, such as Prof. Dr. Prof. Dr. Saroj Bausri and Saeng Uthai Professor Thammasak these contracts are a precursor to the teaching profession. Should be upheld as a model for teachers, after all, this article was inspired by the teaching profession of faith of a true ........ the author.
From the definitions in the law so as to be understood to mean that the teacher who taught in schools as teachers, which includes teachers with the means to teach in higher education both public and private sectors. Because the university's law faculty is mainly divided into two categories. Teachers and special teachers. By teachers. The academic positions ranging from assistant professor Associate professor, professor in the faculty academic positions are identical. But in the end the lecturer, assistant lecturer. Associate Professor. Professor.
The faculty is also included. Of teaching in higher education institutions, both public and privately-held academic positions ranging from professor to professor.
However. Many professors. I prefer to call it that, as a teacher than a teacher.
A chance to see one of the Internet article on "teacher - a teacher," What is good? This is the best one yet. Readers may be deployed. Which the author would have to add some content that is relevant to the topic of teaching the law. In exchange for the reader.
"Teachers - Teachers" at what? (From www.ezyjob.com to 31, 52).
What makes a good teacher of the article which tells you the characteristics of a good teacher. The principles are a good teacher.
1. The teacher must be someone with a sense of humor and smile always. It is a friendship without having to invest anything. But not many have a neighborly. Students will have good morale.
2. Justice and discipline. Teachers need to be fair to students. Should not be discrimination.
3. Clever scholars know very well.
The teacher is the guru (who) know that this also means that students will be learning. Focus on behavior change in a way that it permanently. Based on the emphasis. Assistance. Generous to us.
4. Must have compassion and patience for all children in different family background and upbringing of their parents. Financial status, etc. In contrast to these teachers. Requires patience to develop children's physical growth and her mind.
5. A good example of such words as "National Teacher of the mold," Teachers must be examples in the minds of children at all times. To be a good role model in all aspects of the child to abide as a model.
6. To understand and accept the differences of every human being as an individual.
Teachers need to understand that the difference is not split up, teachers need to point out the concept. The student will analyze, compare and choose a good choice in his life. I have to admit, in the capacity of every pupil. Each one is available. I praise and encouragement.
7. To help those who are suffering the embarrassment I have a great Coach is responsible for providing guidance, training, discipline. When the disciples. Or even a person with a problem. This is because the teacher is like. People who are generally respected.
8. Do not give me confidence in everything. Have confidence in the ability of our own. And the ability of other people. Perhaps we need to share their learning with others on the issue is not resolved. Will need someone to solve it. Because everything is always a solution.
9. Prize as an incentive. And to praise it "is the very best teachers to encourage students !......". Each visit was sincere. The enormous power of the student.
The author would like to ask a few more threads, which only teaches the law.
In verse 10, it is better to teach people to teach morals and ethics to law students. A good example to students under 5, one may still not be enough. I know some faculty members teach students. Lecture section and so on. Then teach me. And it sure did not test to the students as people. It is not good. It can not be considered as a good lawyer.
Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Narong currently owns the preservation of the past, he served as Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Science program. Chulalongkorn University. I said at the meeting of university teachers is that the teacher taught, but knowledge alone does not teach morals as well. It may not call themselves as fully as teachers, law teachers who excel. Whether it comes from a foreign university. It can not be a good example. Credibility to the people as a teacher. Or teacher of law. You can teach people to be good. Be yourself. But the good teacher or .......... It is claimed that children nowadays do not like the old days. This is a dereliction of duty, but it may need to leave the question to you readers.
Article 11 would love to be teachers of the law. And would love to contribute to the future of my heart.
Many of you who graduated in both domestic and international law. Some of you may see an image of a professional teacher. As a matter of course, it's smart to apply it, which I really can do. If you intend to be a scholar. And would love to walk the path of his life. But what must realize is that lecturers do not only teaching duties. I have served as a faculty advisor. Take care of students. Make sure to test control and supervise the activities of students. And more so as a professor of law at the university. It's not professional to do it for yourself. But as a professional to do it for others, especially students. If this job is for lawyers, engineers or architects of society as well.

Lawyers as social engineers.
Lawyer as the social engineer.
Professor Roscoe Pound,.
Former Dean of Faculty of Law.
Harvard University,.
(From the moral and legal responsibilities of lawyers. Activation and performance lecturer played by the school district, Prapฤttis Sukl Ratana Methi page 6).
Article 12 requires knowledge of modern law. But the conduct of his speech that his body should be treated as exemplary teachers in the past.
The legal profession is usually coupled with reliability. As well as a teacher or teachers of the law. Should be coupled with reliability. Another theme in this section. It is, in the knowledge that the author suggests that education should emphasize both theory and practice together. However, experience alone will tell. The theoretical basis of law, it is not. Prof. Dr. Saeng Uthai you like you've said.
"To study law at university. Study to know the real reason for the results. This requires a theoretical foundation, therefore it is thought that the theory is not necessary. School is a waste of time. Should practice better. Education in practice without knowing the theory. There are studies that are harmful. This study is no basis for thinking. "

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