Water, a bowl of noodles.

Water, a bowl of noodles.

I will tell the following story actually happened. We named it the "noodle bowl of water."
This happened 15 years ago, on December 31 is New Year's Eve New Year.
The Noodle "Meat Hog" on the streets of Sapporo.
Eating soba noodles in a New Year's Eve New Year is a tradition of Japanese
For this reason, it sold well in the end Noodle "shop was a chicken" is just as well today as they were tight all day.
22.00 hours until it starts to run low. Usually, these people will gather on the streets until dawn.
But today, everyone would have rushed home to welcome the New Year.The road was closed earlier than usual.
Boss of "Hong Kong's chicken," was the boss and it was a good natured mood. In New Year's Eve.
I finally returned to the customer. While I would close the shop owner. We have opened the door gently.
One woman had her two boys. One about 6 years with one another for about 10 years old, came into the shop.
Both boys were wearing the same two sports brand. The woman is wearing a coat over the old fashioned Scottish break.
"Sit here," my boss was out.
But the woman speak to that fear. "I had a bowl of noodles, water is disabled."
Two boys behind one eye was comfortable.
"I've had it, why would not you. Sit before me "boss I take them to sit at a table against the wall number two.
Then he shouted to the kitchen that "One bowl of noodles, water" noodles, a bowl of noodles with just one piece.
Boss think I put half the noodles add chunk. Boil noodles and a bowl of Mammoth.
Both my boss and mother of three are innocent. The three sit around a bowl of noodles together with her gusto.
I continue to speak tome. "Let me see," his son said.
"I eat a little something," said her son had to fork over my noodles to eat.Not long before I eat a bowl of noodles.
Paid one hundred and fifty yen. The three of them are saying "thanks (I), noodles, very tasty (I)".
With a slight bow, then leave it.
"Thanks (I) Happy New Year! (I)" The boss and my boss had said.
A busy work day after day from morning till evening. And it was passed a year at 31.
December is the anniversary comes around again. In the New Year's Eve Noodle "was a chicken."
It's still selling well and seem to be selling well over a year ago. The grandparents are still busy with trade.
And after a busy day's end than 22.00 hours, while my boss is going to close them.
Was gently pushed out the door who was a middle-aged woman with two boys.
I see the shirt over the coat and old-fashioned.
I think my boss came up as a client last year's New Year's Eve there.
The "noodle bowl of water right here."
"I can not sit as comfortably as I did," I take them to my boss that it was a year ago.
I shouted to him that the two tables. "Noodle bowl of water" being your boss. The new furnace will turn off temporarily.
"I had a bowl of noodles, water," my boss's boss's ear to say, "This old man
Boil noodles for them to three bowl or not, "" Do not you do that makes them shy and uncomfortable to know. "
She answered him and then throw it into the pot noodles, half the water is boiling. Then I went to stand beside his wife.
Wife spoke up, saying "I do not think she bought so inept that I like it."
The husband went to scoop a big bowl of noodles, I eat a bowl of fragrant, then give it to his wife, the mother of three.
Mother of three, sitting around a bowl of noodles. I continue to talk tome.Sam's voice talking to her ear as grandparents.
"Hom's go ... really ... really good."
"This year he's able to eat chicken noodle shop. It was not bad. "
"If I can come again next year, it's me," I will have to pay one hundred and fifty yen.
Then the mother walked out of the shop was a chicken.
"I (I) Happy New Year! (S)" to look after the mother of the missing secret.
Two grandparents were raised about the mother said over and over again to get one.
In the end of three years. Our company was a very good shot. Two grandparents were busy so I do not have time to talk.
To 21.00 hrs. Two grandparents, it started up, but anxious to 22:00 pm
Employees in both the Ang Pao to disperse it.
Enough people already do, both will have a price tag that a noodle shop.
"Noodle bowl, a couple of hundred yen," hanging on the wall back flip. I will rewrite it.
"One hundred and fifty yen noodle bowl" 30 minutes before the boss I would label "Book" to be placed on the table number two.
It is intended for visitors to customers leaving the store had gone to him 22.30
The mother of three, they appear. Brother of a school uniform.
Brother, wearing a jacket to wear at my brother last year and did not see a loose fit. Both children were growing up.
The mother, who was still wearing a coat and old-fashioned Scottish collapse I colorless same.
"Invite me invite me," I said, my boss obligingly
See a smiling face and welcoming attitude of the owner's full.
To the mother, the utter words out of the Gkegien Egie say.
"I made a few noodles, a bowl of water, like me," "can not sit through this."
I brought her boss to take a table number two. Then remove the label "Book" out as if nothing happened.
Then he shouted to the kitchen that "Noodle bowl of water, two" "I had a bowl of noodles, a couple of nice now."
Thank him on. Being thrown into the pot noodles pack. I spoke to the mother. I like having fun together.
Couple standing behind a desk made noodles are made aware of the pleasure they get together in a pebble with joy.
"I love today I have to thank them very much."
"Thank you".
"Why me".
"It is like this. What is your father's accident has died and another eight were injured.
And insurance companies are not responsible for that section.
Over the years, we have to pay the salary of five thousand yen every month. "
"Eh, it was already known here," as they answer. The only boss I listen quietly.
Behind the desk do.
"But there's no need to pay until next year March. But now we have to pay out. "
"True or not the mother."
"This is because it's my brother's hard to newspaper
I help her buy her own food dish. The mother went to work fully.
The company has to make money, diligence and other special bonuses.
It is able to pay the rest out. "
"Wow, Mom's not something that was wonderful. We next asked me to help me to do it. "
"I will submit my paper to my brother, we must unite to fight me then."
"Thanks a lot thanks to both real".
"Mom, I just had to tell my secrets like that.
On Sunday, one day of November, I informed the school of their parents to visit students in classrooms in a day.
I think my parents found a letter attached to that one. My essay was selected to be.
Representative of Hokkaido. Essay competition to go around the country. I heard from my friends, I know I am.
So that day I went to a mother in the days of my parents. "
"It's really a child."
"The topic of my essay is. "My desire".
I have a whole bowl of noodles, water, written as an essay. I also read in front of everyone. "
"... An essay written after his car accident then. We have left plenty of debts.
In order to pay the debt. You have to work late at night round the clock every day.
I even need to a newspaper. I still have to write it ... ".
"Also, I also wrote about the night of December 31, we have three of her circle to eat noodles, water
Very few people ... I eat a bowl of noodles only. Your eyes do not say thank you to her again.
Also greeting the new year for us again.
Those sound like encouragement to stand strong to survive.
Attempt to settle the debts of their father out as soon as possible ... ".
"For this reason, I decided that I will open up the noodle shop.
Must do one of the best noodles Japan.
I would also encourage all customers to be happy ... I ... I ... ".
Two grandparents noodle shop that stands behind a desk listening to the noodles, suddenly disappeared.
They have not gone so well, but his knees under the table. Hand towel in the different sides.
I can not stop the tears flowing down the embankment, both sides.
"When I read his essay. Teacher said. The brothers have come to represent you.
So What's the little brother to me. "
"I really do for my child."
"It was too sudden and I do not know what to say.
I said ... I appreciate everyone's attention as well.
I just have to go shopping to buy food to cook food every day. So, in the other.
All activities in the evenings, they often do not because of any need to go home.
When one would make everyone's busy enough.
When this moment I heard her read an essay on noodles, a bowl of water.I was very shy.
But I did not read an essay about a stretch of water noodle bowl with a sound so complete.
The moment when you feel ashamed to be called a real shame, "" several years ago.
I dare you to order a bowl of noodles, water, to eat three.
I will never forget, I said. Me and I will be diligent. And mother as well.
My brother and I asked everyone to take care of it. "
Sam held her hands together quietly, patting my shoulder happily over the noodles out every year.
Paid three hundred yen to appreciate, respect and bow down to walk out of the store. Look after her third child.
I do not feel that this year has actually gone through with that. "I (I) Happy New Year! (I)".
And then go through another year.
On arrival at 21.00 hours the shop was a chicken, but the label "table book" to number two on the table and wait for you to discover the mother, as always.
But in that year, the mother of three children did not appear at all.
The second year, third year, the table number two, it is still available as before. Mother of three is not that he's shot again.
Our company was a very good shot. A good day, good night, ever. The shop has been refurbished.
Desks and chairs have been replaced. There are only two tables, I kept the same.
"This is something that" Many customers are asking with incredulity
I told my boss a bowl of noodles, listening to its customers.
Table is put in the middle of it all as if to encourage himself one.
And it is unlikely that any one customer, all three could return.
They hope to use the old table in the front third of his customers.
Number two, the table is called. "Table of happiness" Customers can continue to say.
There are many students like to see this table so that the car came from far and eat noodles.
And intended to sit on this table.
Through December 31 for several years, store owners are in for a nearby store was shot.
At the end of the year after the close, it usually comes together to celebrate by eating a chicken to eat noodles that was to continue.
New Year's Eve, they wait for the bell to the old tome. Then everyone went to temple for worshiping God together. It is customary for 5-6 years.
Today I do. To 21.30 hrs. I arrived before the store owner, and the sashimi was.
Then there came a period of time it took to drinking. Some food from hors d'oeuvres.
Usually, they will gather about 30-40 people are very busy.
Everyone knows that there are two myths about the table numbers. I tried not to mention it, but I had thought.
This "table book" The people that they are not waiting for a ride. It would be empty for a New Year's Eve as the original.
They do not drink. I would eat noodles, I would leave enough food for hors d'oeuvres
They go well together. I talk about trade. Talk about this thing. Even the water up and down.
At this stage I have a new home. I was talking in a conversation, talk about it all.
It's like a family. Through to 22.30 pm suddenly a door was gently pushed out.
Everyone in the shop and talk to each other. Every pair of eyes looking straight to the door. Two young men standing in an elegant suit, international
Leaning over on the coat of arms. I see that those people who feel that the atmosphere was relaxed.
And start the conversation lively. As my boss would say, "Sorry, out of my seat is."
To reject those who are not invited.
A woman wearing a kimono, walking into the middle of a young man standing between two people.
Everyone in the shop was barely breathing when he heard you say.
"Well ... I ... I made a three-bowl noodles like?" As soon as I heard the boss's face changed immediately.
Over time, more than ten years. Three of her memory. The mother of three in front.
She tries to put the two images overlap. Hero who stood stunned at the table to make noodles.
Pointing to the mother of three, "you guys .. you guys," he said just that. I read every word in the neck.
One of the two young men saw the attitude of my boss that I do not speak to the boss like that.
"We have three of her children.
At fourteen years ago in New Year's Eve to New Year's noodle bowl of water and eat my three children.
And we had a good bowl of noodles it. We have been able to stand up today. "
"After that he emigrated with her family to live in the district of Shiga. This year I qualified as a doctor then.
I am a practicing physician at the Hospital Pediatrics Department, Kyoto.
Next year, in April, it moved to the Central Hospital of Sapporo and then ".
"Today, we visit the hospital to get to know and care.
I pay homage to the tomb of his father. And brother, who once dreamed of a store owner that he belongs.
We have been working in the bank Kyoto. The unfinished ideas that one is involved. This year on New Year's Eve.
Mother of three, we will pay a courtesy call noodle shop owner was shot at a Sapporo.
Water and eat three bowls of hot noodles with chicken breast. "
Two grandparents to listen to him. Nodded to him with tears Bao.Vegetable shop owner sits in front of the door.
Attempt to use force to swallow hard noodle that was in the mouth into the throat. I stood up and said.
"Oh ... Thank ... As to why. Industry for the past ten years he prepared to forward this "table book".
I do it for their boss to come back after ten hours of New Year's Eve and I was soon ushered into his music. "
In the end, my boss was unconscious. Pat on the shoulder of a vegetable shop owner said.
"Welcome ... Sit back in my old ... ... This eye noodle bowl of water, three tables for two."
I think it's boss told me to stand up to it. "Yes .. a few noodle bowl".
If you look at the reality. The boss Noodle two did not have much to do.
It was just noodles, a few blocks. Sincere words of encouragement and a few words. The greeting that
"I (I) Happy New Year! (S)" to it.
But back to the harsh reality to sink in a situation forced me to drive back to life again.
This story teaches us that --- Do not try to ignore it.
We can influence the environment to survive.
Maybe it is just a sincere concern for your attention only.
I was able to bring the stellar light is no limit to the world.
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