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.I would not teach your children smart.
I have learned and witty and clever with their own smarts.
I will teach them lessons they did not.
I need someone with a better understanding of the lessons of her daughter.
I was taught to the fourth grade, all subjects did not.
Because I did not have a fourth grade students and hem.
I like the abacus. And optimistic
Do not think of this, but I do not have.
I think it's a positive.
I learned my mother's.
When her dream. A dream or a dream.
I know that this world it's just me.
I would say it's good. But it's beautiful.
Be the last to vilify others.
Be the first to give encouragement and appreciation.
I want to do a little weird.
I do not have to walk by it everyday.
Do not be a stranger. Just because it's unique.
My mother taught me the sunny weather.
Because under the warmth of the sun to get vitamin D deficiency.
And under the sky with rain. It will make them cry without anyone seeing me.
I want to teach your children exercise every day.
At least we have to move just a bunch of true bug
I can not force it. I will be strong, not weak.
I like her smile. And the world with love.
I probably will not win everything. It may seem like a lunatic.
But it is not any better than a frown frown.
I want to teach children about tolerance.
Children must learn that they do not have everything I hoped for.
Be patient and do not droop.
Do not be discouraged and to start a new life.
My mother taught to toe the ball up high.
There is nothing higher than the hands we will never win.
Just to confirm that we are not standing still.
I want to make you happy.
But I remember with my son.
People who are suffering. He did not think I'm really happy.
IQ, but it is a song on the sky.
It is not wise to be happy not to worry.
Do not hurt me if he could follow.
Do not panic if we are slower than others.
EQ is to find yourself in this world son.
I would not be wise and happy.
Do not be afraid to make changes to improve.
I have a bag of it I do not have to fear.
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