Terribly cute.

Terribly cute.

A few days before she was ...
Women were adamant. Insists that it will not go to the hospital is strictly prohibited.
China was taking rest at home.
Voice of the mother ... missing.
I hear of one another instead of her voice ....
Usually, the father of all the votes that ... looks and quiet.
Today I became a man riding on the back, then ...
Enough on the day and every day.
Complained that there was one ... on Mac.
I complained that I did not see a doctor.
But ... the people riding on it.
To consult a pharmacist at the pharmacy.
Buy a lozenge for a sore throat. Febrifuge's mother used to put it to the bedside.
I like ... that usually dish out to find me out to eat regularly.
Complained that I eat at home.
But ... it's just a case of my favorite stores to buy food to eat at home.
Just because I do not want to stay home alone.
Tap the dish was just ... I love her.
Despite Rice's case, it's that good.
But ... I returned it. Today, chefs fall. Do not be delicious ... I do not taste.
Now ... I feel better. Walk up a little.
Complaining ... wanted to eat crackers and hot cocoa.
But ... that's dried out. The favorite brand of crackers.
I ... I hate that expression all the time ... I just supermarkets.
I told her that her orange juice. Let's go.
We smile.
Stubborn ... I would say to the mother did not.
I have a lot to me.
But ... just steps from the mall.
I went to buy orange juice for ... crackers.
I ...
... ... I have a congenital heart disease.
I have to walk slowly. I did not want me to work too hard.
But in the supermarket today.
I just got out ... into the field.
Even though I was mush.
Case ready to cook the rice with his sweep of all kinds.
Canned vegetables and pickles on rice ....
I took all the bottles of all brands that I can read ... I like it.
The fact that the case may be easier to buy it.
But he chose to do it themselves.
The choice of these parents ... with love.
Case may be just my car ...
But it was hard then.
The cart did not catch one.
I compared it to the shelves after a bottle of pickles in front of men.
The latter was bent by his father's money.
Distantly to the next page.
Father's eyes ... that is the only woman in your life.
I look for things for me.
At that moment.
Nee's jealous ... jealous of the women were sleeping at home.
Jealous of her own.
The father of the children are familiar. I do not care who it is ...
With their children ... I know ... I love.
It was expressed to us.
If the parents ... we just know ... I worry about her a lot.
I agree, but because we take care of his mother.
Was a lot of diseases here.
Mother ... This is a strong woman.
Sure ... in our eyes.
I was taken care of her.
Which does not seem to be different from ours.
The people who have come together over twenty five years.
Take care of each other when sick.
There is nothing more delicious than this, then maybe.
Nee's turn to look around.
... Wake up tomorrow when I have time.
The joy of suffering and grief.
There will be someone standing next to me ... that's case.
... Department's care when sick.
There will be someone to remember it ....
It's your favorite brand of crackers on the case.
Have someone walk me through it ... the crowd, busy themselves at me.
Just for canned goods ...
But what I will offer to loved ones.
Can someone send me ... that's the case, sore throat pastille.
With that.
'I lost my sore throat before I left to eat it'.
In spite of the lamp with it. Maniagameadgแka!
Man chi ... and even with a close near the heart.
He is terribly cute guy

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