Special day.

Special day.

One elderly man who took his wife to open drawers, cabinets, one of which was wrapped in paper.
The thought was soft, "This is not just something one ... If it's lingerie. "
When Ekaแka wrapper off. The silk is beautiful. And workmanship, exquisite tailoring.
"When we go to New York for the first time some eight or nine years ago, perhaps. You never get used to it.
I intend to keep wearing on special occasions ... and I think the opportunity is now. "
He moved closer to the bed. Place the dish on the underwear of the other.He will be taken to the cemetery ...
Yes ... his wife has just left the old man, he turned to me with that.
"Please do not keep anything for a special occasion. I assume every day that passes is a day that has meaning. "
I'm reminded of his words. I've changed my life from then on.
Today I read a lot more hassle trying to quit their orderly.
I sat down on the terrace and admire the scenery. Do not pay attention to the weeds in the garden.
Most of the time spent with family, friends and work less.
I came to understand that life is a great amount of experience, we should seek to enjoy.
Not just living the other day.
I would give anything to keep it. Imagine what it took to run. Today, I use a regular crystal.
While wearing a new coat. Shopping in supermarkets.
Previously, I used a good perfume for special occasions ...
But now the word "day" seems to be fading away from me by default ...Anything that is valuable to listen to the views or actions.
I shall be listening. I do not see it, or ever.
I'm not sure my wife's old one will do. If you can foresee that there will not be able to appreciate.
Yeah, she may call on parents, relatives and close friends. Or maybe she could call. Find old friends. I think that for some time.
I would like to record the stories of the past ... or may be asked to dine at her favorite East.
If the event is happening to me ... I'm upset because I will meet friends that I thought.
I can hold it together soon. This ... is not writing letters to friends. The intention was to write ...
Meanwhile, I was sad to have to tell people that I love them very close one.
Yeah, I did not put insurance on one hand.
I have to keep telling myself that today is a special day ... every day, every hour.
Every minute is a meaningful total.
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