Different perspectives.

Different perspectives.

There is a shoe company that is pioneering the commercial market in Africa.
The marketing staff to determine whether two people of the African market, how are you. Several months passed.
Sales, marketing, and two of them back to back, but the two reports.
Attitude is not the same. Report presented to the market two completely different companies.
Mr. B: "No hope for me. People there do not wear it people. "
Mr. B: "It took us quite a pioneer there. That's because people do not have shoes. "
There is another story. There is an old woman. Rain, she was crying.
Good weather, she was crying. Surprised young man asked the old woman said.
Young man: "What time it rains she cried. Well, it's time to cry. "
Old woman: "Because I have two sons, the eldest son who sold ice.
Young son for an umbrella. I think it's time for young son that is not good.
And the rain, I thought his eldest son. Ice, he did not like each other.
Every day, I was so worried and suffering in this. "
Young men are told that this old woman.
Young men: "Move ... Yaicidผidแlgwlea! In fact, every day.
You need to be happy. On days when the sky is clear. Airy. Her eldest son was happy with it.
The ice, which sell well if it rains. Grandma would be happy to go with a small child. The site was sold to sell like hot cakes. "
I have heard the old woman. I was awakened from a dream.
Since then, no matter the weather will be like.
Old woman who was smiling happily.
The people are optimistic about pessimism. Indeed, it is total.
For example, drink a glass one. If I drink half a glass, if people will look at two aspects to look at.
The negative is that "out of the half-glass. Just half a glass of your own. "
But if people are optimistic to think that "I have left it a half a glass."
! Optimistic one?

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