The story of love.

Tales of love.

The story of love.
Once upon a time long ago. There is an island. Which captures all the feelings lived together.
The happiness, sadness, knowledge, and others, including me.
One day, I announce to all that. Islands are sinking so.
All we have prepared the boat to escape from the island.
I only decided to stay on the island. (Do not know why).
I want to stay until the last second.
When the island was almost sinking it. I decided to ask for help.
The rich sail through. The Rich replied, "I can not accept she is not.
It's my boat. Filled with gold and silver. It does that for you. "
I decided to ask the selfishness. It was like a beautiful ship.
"Selfishness to me."
"I can not help you, love you so wet and might make me wet with a boat."
I have a boat near. I can say to help.
"The sad you allow me to ship it."
"Oh ... love I'm very sad. I want to be alone I'm sorry. "
I love going through the same.
But he did not hear a cry for help, but are happy because of love.
Suddenly the sound of it. "I came here. I'm going to get you going. "
The sound of the old one. I was very grateful and happy.
But with me I forgot to ask one who is kind to him.
When they arrived at dry land. People have to follow his way.
I forget the name that comes to mind that old man.
I asked about.
"Who are these people help me."
Know that "time".
I asked, "But the time to help me."
I already know that I love.
"Because there is only time that my great love."

Stop and think.

Words differed, but the fact is our time.
We are building up. But the measure feel.
We have a more broad way. However, there is a narrow perspective.
We spend a lot more. But we have less and less.
We buy more. But we are happy with the less
We have bigger houses, more. But with smaller families.
We are much more convenient. However, there is less time.
We have to study more. But less common sense.
We have more knowledge. However, there is less settled.
We are becoming increasingly specialized. But there are more problems.
We have more drugs. But "being" less
We gain what we own. Reduce its value down.
We talk a lot but it will not let me. I hate it too often.
We learn how to earn a living.
But we do not know what life is.
We make life longer. But we do not use the real life.
We go back to the moon. But we are just going to walk across the street to get to know neighbors.
We are winning factors. But what is inside.
We make the air cleaner. But we keep our souls clean.
We break up the atom, but not bias.
We offer a salary increase. But the moral minimum.
We have more volume. However, the quality dropped.
The timing of the male big and tall But not unique.
Profit, but no relation with people.
A time when world peace. The war within
There are more activities. But enjoy less.
A greater variety of foods. However, no nutritional value.
Married people have more time. It has become increasingly divorced.
There is a beautiful home. It has broken.
It is time to have a show in the window. But nothing in the stock room at all.
Is a time when technology can bring this letter to you.
"What's happened to people who are optimistic."

The truth is ... when we think about someone all the time.
I think other people might have it.
And sometimes there are people who think we are. By that we do not do as well.
Sometimes the dreams go it alone. It is better than the truth that ...
What we all think. It is the dream of our own one.
It is not uncommon to most people. I choose to sink with a dream.
Rather than the truth.
Is not the one I was not sad ...
We may be two, it is still better than a 3, 4 ...
And if we are 10 in mind ... I do not think that.
More importantly, we do not have anything in mind that at all.
It may be some tears. In recognition of the fact that we are not the first ...
But I remember that if your heart does not cry out loud.
Along with talking to yourself ...
I get so tired. Please do not mind me. The floor is worn out than this.
I would like to let ...
To love someone. Do not want to ...
To stop them. Requires much effort.
I weigh this in mind we see. Happiness is when you'll have.
When you are suffering with his drooping.
Which is hard work.
Do not blame yourself. That it was too late ...
Do not hurt me no mind.
Do not blame the fate that we met. It does not make it match ...
But I give myself at least.
The people I met too late. I also found ...
Let him who will not mind me. But it has also won the hearts of us ...
It to fate. That he will not make us love each other ...
But we have known ....
You should be happy with. At one time ...
You met someone you wanted to keep his smile alone.
People you care about more than yourself ...
Someone who makes you laugh. And cry a lot ...
I just smiled to him. Change the dull blue. Into the bright ...
Now it should be enough or not?
Just seeing those we love. To laugh with someone. They love the most ...
Such is the joy of love ... honest.
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