questions about AIDS in any way.

questions about AIDS in any way.
 I can be sexually transmitted. And blood. Yet another way.
But there are other factors such as
- Beauty salons and plastic surgery which is done by not cleaning the equipment before use with others, such as razors, nail scissors, ear piercing and tattoo needles.
- The surgical replacement tissue. And organs such as A kidney transplant. Bone marrow transplants. Without early detection of HIV.
- Artificial insemination using sperm from donors without the prior HIV infection.
- To punch the bleeding. The blood of people with AIDS to be a wound or mucous membrane in the eye. The opponent.
Received blood from donors without AIDS.

You listen to me. The use of a sharp share. And the migration of these organs. The current facility. The current medical services. A thorough examination of all organ donors and AIDS. Tools to be used must be sterile, then. Tools used to leave me alone. Not apply to other people.Such as syringes, plastic syringes, etc.

AIDS is not transmitted by sharing their daily lives. HIV can be. The 3 main components.
1. To have been infected with HIV from an infected to a large volume of water is enough to make the blood, semen in the vagina.
2. Were to make contact with the body. The microorganisms grown in suitable conditions, but if the infection is in tears, saliva, breast milk is sterile and in small amounts. Infections that are unhealthy. In addition, the growth is. Be able to divide them in tears, saliva, milk in a channel of HIV.
3. Have a direct channel to transmit infections such as syringes, sexual intercourse with a man with AIDS. Infection is passed into the female vagina. If the woman. With HIV live. Infection enters through the open end of the male penis.

You listen to me, most people are concerned with HIV. Of channels with very little risk of AIDS. Such as helping an accident. Exposure to blood.But to say it. I do not often think through which HIV from sexual behavior that is done on a regular basis. The data confirm the obvious. Percentage.Of those infected with HIV from sex is not protected.

You listen to me on December 1, World AIDS Day last week. The one we hear about the AIDS epidemic, the countries were free of AIDS.

 is a symptom of AIDS.
 The symptoms or the progression of the disease is divided into 3 phases.

* Phase 1 is called the asymptomatic phase. Or the infection without symptoms.
HIV-positive test results. Health will be strengthened as the regular ones.
In all respects, but there may be a little sick, just like a normal person like any other.
The flu is not like normal people. There may be some complications.
This phase is 2-3 years before the onset or the average person 7-8 years.
But some people have no symptoms for up to 10 years or longer than that. All the people infected.
At this stage, even without symptoms can spread to other people.

* Phase 2 is called the period of symptoms associated with AIDS. Or known to have AIDS.
This phase is weakly positive in the blood. To have one.
Or more of the visible as well.
- Number of lymph nodes for 3 consecutive months.
- Rapid weight loss over 10% of body weight in a month.
- Chronic diarrhea for more than a month without knowing the cause. With white skin, tongue and throat. Chronic fever with unknown cause.
- There are no serious complications of infection such as herpes zoster, is not widespread. TB is not spread from the other may be lost for many months or years, AIDS will become a next step.
* Phase 3 stage full AIDS. Also known as the AIDS epidemic. This phase is available.
The body's immune system was breaking down a lot. The effect of preventing infection.
Other types of white blood cells are destroyed due to a low of almost all causes.
Infection and many other so-called opportunistic infections, which are available.
But there are many types of opportunistic infections. Any kind of symptoms that
Will find a variety of infections such as pneumonia, cystine Mo New Car's Night.
I have a fever, cough, asthma, fungal infection of the gastrointestinal tract will have a sore throat.
Difficulty swallowing, a brain inflammation. The company shed from infected Cup. I have a fever.
Headache, neck stiffness, or if it is the AIDS of the nervous system, it will be.
Symptoms of memory loss, depression, Alzheimer's deranged mind, limb weakness.
Convulsions, and in some cases such as cancer, stroke and some cancers.
It will appear a dark purple blotches on the skin or prostate cancer.
Lymph is the big difference between the body and so on.
* When entering a new phase of HIV fully. Most of them died in no time.
Usually live only 1-2 years on average.

* You listen to me. Symptoms of AIDS are above it. From infection to AIDS.
In the body. It takes many years to disease and death. From news to tell.
AIDS is the same as the one to die. And the HIV frustrated despair.
Discouraging socially undesirable. Fact. AIDS, not die immediately.
Average of 10 years to be patient. AIDS, the news that's awesome. AIDS will be nasty.
If society recognize and encourage those who are not HIV. Did you know.
That the current HIV treatment and even cure chronic diseases like AIDS.
Diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure. AIDS is not a bed waiting for death.
* You listen to me. We'll talk later. That AIDS patients do. Our new revive them. They live with their families make a living like normal people. It is because people have AIDS. Just as we like you.

You listen to me on December 1, World AIDS Day last week.
I see Thai people have sympathy for people infected with HIV and AIDS will be warm if you let it.
The music on demand. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..

Human development, academic progress. And time. AIDS into the country for over 20 years and in 2543 began to experiment with the high price of antiretroviral drugs and drugs that treat AIDS research results. However, access to medication in people who have money. Later, the project was boundless and free AIDS medication. But the problem with quotas is not too much. And will need to eat for life.



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