have any questions, contact AIDS.

AIDS into the country, however.

AIDS into the country, however.
 The AIDS epidemic in Thailand in the early days. Of foreign immigrants.
In Thailand and came up with this disease. There are also Thai people living overseas.
And male homosexual behavior. Back in Thailand, it's still there.
The same behavior. To bring back the spread of AIDS among the people.
Thailand without conscious. The first phase was found in men who have sex before. And homosexual men.
A number of behavioral drugs are injected into the line. Subsequently found in the group.
Injecting drug. Then spread to Women sell more services.
As well as the general public to these women. Or promiscuous behavior.
Sex with HIV infection, we detected in women who are not like prostitution.
Housewives and students.
* While this can be found living with HIV every province, every district, every field.
Every professional group. Even newborns. The reason is that Thailand is a country that is.
Spread of AIDS has spread very quickly because we all formats.
Is the spread of prostitution, both male and female. Drug users.
Injecting and homosexuality.

 have any questions, contact AIDS.
 The answer to AIDS, the main is large with only a 2-way only.
1. Sex. This may be a homosexual. Or heterosexist.
2. The blood, such as needle sharing. The trauma to come into contact with blood. Or serum of people infected with HIV. Such as using a razor blade. Skin, ear piercing, tattooing needle sharing, etc. HIV-infected mother can transmit HIV to the fetus.



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