Campaign to persuade themselves not to drink

Campaign to persuade themselves not to drink. The worship of religion.
Kanokporn visual depth.
Group of non-communicable diseases. Office of Disease Prevention and Control 6, Khon Kaen.

Although the Nam Mao. There are a pair of Thai society long ago. But in the past but do not drink much. But today, what is worrisome.Young men and women, young people are drinking alcohol more often and do not have my top 5 of the moment. Alcohol is not something that is beneficial to the body, moreover, both direct and indirect effects on the male's drinking. And many of the people around you such as
Affect the body and drinking the cirrhosis, hepatitis, pancreatitis. Gastric inflammation. Ulcers in the stomach. Digestive and intestinal cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, pneumonia, muscle inflammation. Spinal osteoporosis. Ek๊ats disease. Sexual dysfunction and faster.
Alcohol can affect the brain, acting sedative The brain to slow down, slow thinking, confusion, memory loss and poor balance. Nerve endings by the hand as if to drink tea with disabilities quickly in large quantities. The unconscious and not breathing. May die.
The mother is pregnant. If the mother is pregnant with dangers of drinking alcohol that can be passed from mother to child in the stomach as well, although it may cause abortion, drink very little mortality during childbirth.Or a disabled child's development is slow.
Reduce the influence of alcohol on performance. The employer is to blame. Co-workers lost their jobs were fired offensive penalties owed.
The family. If the parent alcohol. It is difficult to find peace. Because when the mouth. Reckless mind is full. Tolerance of things down. Caused controversy in the family's lack of warmth and psychological issues.Husband and wife have divorced.
These social influences are the cause of the traffic accidents. Accidental death of two-hour funeral at the Thailand Development Research Institute said. To reduce traffic accidents, people do have a 50 percent reduction of deaths per year 2000 were less injured than 29,625 cases and reduce the economic loss of approximately 13,975 million baht, the Thai people died in traffic accidents last year. averaged about 15,000 per hour, 2 more than half the age of 15-35 years and the Festival this year, found that drunkenness is the cause of death.
Considering it. Advantages or benefits of alcohol and almost none at all, or if there is much less so in the rainy season. Who's invited to mental prayer and to 0.6 at the firm. Eaaฤkษs hold good in the beginning to do new things. Merit merit for themselves and the people we love. The five precepts, particularly Article 5, and refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages of all kinds. It is a great charity. By refraining from drinking alcohol during 3 months starting from July 22 to October 18 25 487 or to take this opportunity to stop drinking, it will be great.
You will have qualities. To a good life. Practices, it is not difficult.Step.
A review of itself every day through the good and the bad spirits.
2. Recalling the events of the past. Comparable with the drinking and not drinking alcohol.
3. I see my wife. Or who you love, respect and take into account the advice of those persons.
4. Think of the mission where you have a family. And the future of your own.
5. The decisions of today will continue to drink or to stop.
6.'ll Drink to that will reduce or stop when you die with me.
7. If you stop to think that he would do well to strong agreement with those you love to quit drinking.
8 There are 3 ways to stop drinking and group behavior. , The use of electrical stimulation and treatment facilities of all public hospitals.
9. Follow the advice of counsel could be strictly alcohol.
10. Scrolls away from the decanter. And away from your drink. I turned to friends who pay attention to other activities such as sports, music, trees, fish the beautiful lights. What you like. What makes you break free from the influence of alcohol.

"There are many effects of alcohol. But today, it should stop. "
"Drinking alcohol is a gateway to the decline in life".

References. Office enterprise network, not alcohol. I get to drink themselves. Co., Ltd., Bangkok, forgive me.
July 2547.
The publicity campaign activities not drinking themselves.
Public health agencies.
1. Encourage health personnel at all levels. Is not the master of alcohol and alcoholic beverages of all kinds during the rainy season. By the Buddha. By making application to participate in the pledge. To abstain alcohol and alcoholic beverages of all kinds during Lent, during July 22 to October 18, 2548.
2.'s Advocacy organizations in the network. / Organizations, and media fields. Community groups to promote the vitality and the young men and women came voluntarily to suspend all kinds of alcohol and alcoholic beverages. Any time during the rainy season. It may be organized as follows.
2.1 Coordinate with agencies in the area. To the campaign. The involvement of the community.
2.2 Create News / Articles / News about penalties. Dangers of alcohol.And related laws.
2.3 At a press conference in the local media.
2.4 health workers. Join the campaign. Among young people, community leaders, clergy and merchants who sell alcohol in the community. To build momentum and raise awareness as well. In reducing alcohol consumption.The law prohibits selling alcohol to children under the age of 18 years, and liquor in addition to the law and so on.
3. Monitoring. With agencies / organizations. The results of the campaign carried out such an activity or campaign about not drinking themselves what happened by the agency / organization. The participants. Much profit.Budget spent. The results of a campaign.

For more information.
1. WWW.stopdrink.com or 0-2733-6008-9.
Or a group of non-communicable diseases. Office of Disease Prevention and Control 6, Khon Kaen, Tel 0-43222818-9.



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