Little boy with the apple.

Little boy with the apple.

A long time ago. There was a huge apple tree was a small boy. People like to go there. And play with the apple on a regular basis.
He often climbed to the treetop. Cool the apples to eat. And nap under the shade of the apple because ...
The apple trees he loved very much. The apple tree loved to play with him as well.
Over time ... the little boy who has grown up. And did not play at the beginning of each apple. Today as before.
One day, young man. I came back to the apple trees again. But he does not look very bright to look stupid ... sad
"Come play with me here," cried the apple.
"I do not kid me. To play with her again, "the little boy who answered.
"I want to play it. But I have no money, "said the little boy.
"I regret it. I have no money ... But if you cool the apples of all sales. She will have money to buy toys. "
Kids have so many thrills. Before it was cool the apples quickly and left happily.
It will not come back here again for a long time ... the apple back to sad again.
One day the little boy back again. But this time he had grown up. Apple was very excited. "Come play with me like the" Apple calls.
"I do not have time to play with her complain. I have to work for the family.Now we want it back home. She will help me. "
"Sorry, I do not give her too ... But you can cut off my branches. Then to make it home. "
When they hear it. He was cut off almost all branches of the apple. And return happily.
The apples are delighted to see little kids happy. But the boy did not go back there again. The apple was back sad and lonely again.
One day a hot day. Kids in middle age, they come back. The apples are very happy.
"Come play with me like the" Apple calls.
"I do not understand. Because now I am old and feel very sad, too. Now I would like to cruise just to relax me. She was about my boat. "
"Use the remaining twigs. The boat building business. She will sail away and be happy lot "when they hear it. He then cut the remaining branches.And to build a boat. Then cruise to the ... Do not come back for a long time ...
The little boy was back there again. After several years away. Now he has become an old man already.
"I'm sorry my little boy. Now I am nothing to her anymore. I do not have Apple remains the same at all the "Apple said.
"I do not have teeth to chew it too," he replied.
"I do not have branches. She was not playing anymore. "
"I'm too old to do that, then," he is speaking lightly. "I have nothing to give her one ... the only thing left is my dying roots, only the" Apple said in tears.
"I do not want anything anymore. In addition to the area. Now, I'm so tired about the past, "replied the little boy in old age, fatigue.
"Well, it does not solve the root of this is a good place for her to lie down and sleep. I came down here beside me. And rest it on ".
Boy falling down to sleep under an apple tree with happiness. While the apple is too little sleep, a jubilee. With smiles and tears ...
This is a story of people in the apple, it is like our parents when we were younger. We like to play with them. But when we grow up. We back you go. We will go back to when we need something or have a problem. But no matter what happens. He is always there. And will give everything to make us happy.
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