Gold box.

Gold box.

Once in the night before New Year's Day ... One of his daughters punished with the upset.
He was angry at the boy took the gold wrapping paper. Which are very expensive. The play, gift wrapping supplies.
He was just trying to understand how to decorate your home for New Year's Day only.
It is known that during the economic good of everyone, they are often upset about little things like this always.
But that's it. In the morning the little boy was still holding a gift box wrapped in gold paper to your father.
"This box of my father," the little boy with his father he genially
He felt ashamed of their actions on this issue is too serious to me.
He thanked her, gently, gently, with a gift box carefully.
Appears as a blank box. ... There's nothing inside it.
Your baby's father is angry again. He shouted to ask her that.
"This child did not know that I will give anyone a gift box. ... It should be something in it does not. "
The little boy looked up slowly to her father on Father's Saaึksaaืgn.
"But when I ... I put my gift to you and me. I kiss his cheek and put the camera. "
My feeling was soon overwhelmed. He lifted her up, holding the clasp The little boy asked his forgiveness, which upset some.
... That is sad. Shortly thereafter. Child's accidental death.
Later years. The people saw that he was also a gold gift box that is always at the head of the bed.
Whenever he felt discouraged or despondent. He picked up the golden box. Then imagine.
Baby come back to kiss his cheek again. It is for this reason.
My father still remembers the love of his daughter who has always had a lot ... just like that.
The most valuable was that he could have taken place. No gift box wrapped in gold paper.
The boxes are made of pure gold any day.
It is a sincere love for his daughter to leave until there is a separate box.

A young man's personality, it's highly educational. I have a career that is flourishing. The author confessed that he was gay.
I like to modify it to the author that he has not found anything else.
Parents would accept a gay relative of the well.
I agree that he is gay as well as his art. No one interested in the gay
As long as it works well. I would not mind. I hate the Forum.
And require the physician to be cured of the gay The author explains that.He has no faults at all.
Same-sex love interest that he did not make him different from other people who love the opposite sex at all.
This is not to his taste, do not. I think if people love and mincing of the opposite sex is normal.
If homosexuals were considered abnormal only by default.
He objected that "it is not unusual that I do. I love it when women do not. "
Author reply, he said. "In this world there are single men, both young and old, hundreds of millions of people.
The women love a man, and I still love it as well. He was also fortunate to know love even the same gender.
're Better than someone who does not love me. The only love myself. "

The story begins in a woman.
Who keep their feelings to the friends of her mind.
.. Until the day the person is married.
She decided to tell it with him.
And then ... I think it's a joke he had ever heard.
The story of one man.
Who do not say that he loved his wife much.
Until her loved ones had died.
.. And even today he continues to watch the flowers placed at her grave every day.
Card filled with kiss marks and the words "I love you."
.. She will be able to recognize it? ??...
This is the story of a girl.
To the warm embrace of her father.
But she was too shy to say it out.
Until his last day. Can not have a chance to embrace her again.
More stories like this. Occur every other day.
You know .. that is how the events of yesterday.
But you know you can do that. The story of the future will be like?
And to think .. what say you never utter.
You will wait until the last day .. the end .. with no chance to say it to me??
Do not wait ... ..
Just say out of mind.

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