Pencil with an eraser.

Pencil with an eraser.

I have a pencil to write it out in a bar one day.
There is no end to how much eraser to remove the unit.
Stick a pencil eraser to a friend before that. They come and go as well do something together.
Is a function of the pencil. It is written that every time the eraser.
Function of the eraser is removed. It can remove all the pencil all the time.
Over time, many decades. Everything is always the same, until
Pencil eraser to say about that. "We said it does not already exist."
Eraser is asking "why".
Pencil to respond to that. "I said we do not remove it."
We argue that the eraser. "We do our duty, we do not."
The couple then split up.
I split up with a pencil eraser, but I can write anything you want it. But over time, it was a mistake.
I once wrote that it was dirty. I have scratches everywhere. My eraser is a charm.
The party split up with a pencil eraser, but glad that it is not dirty anymore.Enough time passes it back to life as worthless.
Because there's nothing to delete. My pencil is a charm.
Both are back again, this time with a pencil around, but a good thing. The pencil eraser, it is clear that the only
The advantage of writing a note. Pencils at first, but remember all the good and bad.
But it is time to remember, but I choose. Only the good stuff.
The negative is like me. Eraser at first, I forget everything. Both good and bad. But every time I forget it's dirty.
But now, after it selected, but not forgotten. Or is it forgiving.
So all the advantages of both, but things like friendship, is to remember and forget what may be some errors.

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