90 The definition of cool (teenage girls) and the mixing of cool and sharp.

It's easy to say "ILOVE YOU" But only "I DO" says you're really one for always.

90 The definition of cool (teenage girls) and the mixing of cool and sharp.1. To even get tired. It seemed not to be discouraged. Finally, the wait is a magnificent future.
2. Eager to learn good self-learning self-piety.
3. A serious commitment is key to success.
4. Regards the respect of others. And is responsible for what they do.
5. The most formidable enemy in life is ourselves.
6. The most terrible mistake in life is to surrender himself.
7. Bankruptcy in life is hopeless.
8. I can not force people who do not boast a big flourish.
9. Nothing is impossible. But it is difficult or easy it.
10. Chess is not only one attack. I also have to move. I can not move.
11. Do not chase your dog to be stalled. I welcome people to their corners.
12. I seek no longer to wait. This expertise, not because of chance. I can not because of luck.
13. Destined to fight me or her people.
14. Authority, without reasons. Power of the bully. Power without grace is the power to bring about the defeat.
15. Bird nest to the wood. I said to the spirit.
16. Who is the greatest. Who makes himself small. The smallest, it will become possible. The honor is. People who respect others.
17. I do not understand consciousness, it does not happen.
18. I can not see forward. It comes to the threat. I do not know off the power. Disaster, it would be awesome.
19. Should not bend the steel used for making Sat. But the winds do not use it.
20. When the work would be wise to avoid. When the lapse to know how the tail fin. I do not feel the way it gradually. Grilled to your destination on the destination.
21. Big fish are dead, the shallow water.
22. When someone is doing it wrong. Do not rely on or blame him.Because if we are to him and fall in with his environment. We may decide to do the same as his.
23. Do not believe them until they prove that it is true.
24. The administration is working to accomplish through the hands of others.
25. I tell people to use them.
26. Gratitude is the mark of a good man.
27. Pras witty intelligent people willing to sit right there.
28. I do not mind doing a little bit.
29. No meals not in vain. Without expecting return.
30. An enemy that is evil. It's not bad Eklืaepenhnon.
31. Over the sky is blue. Most people over there. Do not underestimate.
32. I can see that far. I can not see their eyebrows.
33. Most people only care about short-term results. But the truly wise man will look to the future.
34. The sun makes everything clear. But we also need to understand in the dark. Which still existed.
35. A wise leader does not seek wealth or praise too much. But it would be wise not to seek a leader who has both wealth and praise
36. Silence or not, as a great power.
37. Passion and selfishness. Whether in any form will result in the depths of our ego and we do not see how glum things. Happen.
38. Are trying to find. Have had success there do not do evil to evil, or they have sown crops like that.
39. I have to do my head up. I think with the brain.
40. Happy times there. I was pleased.
41. What we teach is not "common sense".
42. To the end and then stop at the port.
43. If you walk the footsteps of others. I never have it's own footprint.
44. To give the 100 a better idea before you do.
45. Education is the knowledge that it was not an institution.
46. ​​What was to be born. Do not hold the stick.
47. Gentle but not weak.
48. If we do not let the past. I do not know the future.
49. People really do not grow food. I grew up with hardship.
50. Cut it with scissors. But the part that takes time.
51. Then I also regret not doing better.
52. Will be lower in the act. Would be nice to people is that we do.
53. The truth of a person. Is not true of all people.
54. Distance proven. Time to prove them.
55. Pleasurable to hold. But this time he will go long.
56. Talent is as important as seeking the blessings.
57. It does not necessarily mean failure. However, we found a way to make things right.
58. When I say always consult others. And as a consultant to others.
59. Do not lie about who you think is wrong.
60. Trusty person to be trusted.
61. Open to a far-sighted plan for the future.
62. In what other people want, and no.
63. Do not use it. But the thinking and reasoning.
64. I shared a lot. I own a few.
65. Do not let time pass without paying off.
66. Do not know what's up with us when we lose it.
67. I always knew that it was now doing.
68. Do not hold the past against them. But I will learn from it.
69. I do not fault the people who never do anything.
70. Make some contribution to society. Do not be selfish.
71. Do not wait for what is yet to come Do not be afraid of what he or she can change them.
72. It is very important. I fill them. Then he will come back up for you.
73. So as to become more defensive.
74. I can recall when I have to think before speaking.
75. Life is not a game. It can not be restarted, or the load.
76. We watch it. But we can not buy time.
77. Now you but you think about it. Who do you want to help. Now that you're comfortable with the person you are looking for help now. It is useful.
78. Do anything to make yourself happy. But do not make the suffering of others.
79. I think they are the most unfortunate people. And do not think they are the lucky ones.
80. There are many stories that were not written in the book. The research seems to know.
81. An arrow is released from the wood. Less dangerous than the spear that stabbed from behind.
82. We have already. Is that we can pull it out of me.
83. Happiness of my own. I have really enjoyed it.
84. The past, we forget not, but I think not.
85. Do not trust anyone too. It is better to be careful.
86. There are no permanent friends and true enemies.
87. Making this the best place to ourselves, those we love. And those around us.
88. Fell into a sewage pond. I soaked for a long time to catch even more filthy.
89. Work hard, be gentle when a hand to help.
90. Do not procrastinate.
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