The wrong person .. Grass in need of six.

The wrong person ..
Grass in need of six.

The soft evening light and the sun is not hot as ever.
Heal your old car to drive from work until about 200 meters to the home page. He was irritated when his eye sight. Several cars and motorcycles parked messily in front of one house which was next to his house. The closer to home and listening to Western music lyrics out. Booming as a result of a keen ear, and dense sound, Tung soon as he feels ..
"Ai, this shift was mingling together again," he muttered complaints lightly.


The ancient villa located in the outskirts of the city where prosperity to the underserved. Laterite roads. Drain to. Also good with blue water and to use Entrance is a small alley from the main road and just 5 meters in width along both sides of the houses built on SOI has remained small. For his deep, almost the end of Sukhumvit is home to close to one another. And next to the soi, about 100 meters you will have another home 4-5, after which the entire SOI will be residential buildings as well as patches, but is mostly empty space over The house adjacent to the house of healing, but it was the home of his brother, his name was. The brothers bought the land several years ago and building a home together. The past few years, his brother, whose unruly behavior to associate with gang To cause both the robbery and murder. Many of the police to arrest them. To be imprisoned in the Prison, which is not far from healing too much. And is awaiting the decision up to the death penalty. I remember my wife was not home to others. People who bought houses they own, but can not be rented to someone else. Ago, it's no problem for people who have a personal statement as a personal residence. Until the last one for a dealer's quote. Patrol have to go out of the country. I will be back home again. I have left to get a nice young man to live alone.

This is done to children misbehave without diligent But I've a bad habit.Students will be graduating high school. I - I have to say a teacher at the school. The child's school. It ended with the score overlay the line To call a technician at the University College of the City. Will fail because the brain is filled with charcoal. It did not take the opportunity to study the early use of the money my parents the other day .. that's like me taking a random friend at the time of his father - the mother's ..


Parking in the house when the light Somjit's wife says he was frowning.
"The kids next door .. I have to mingle We did not sleep until the noise was not lying. "
Married at the age of thirty-end heals and I have children at the age of almost forty Somjit are younger than 10 years, both spouses have a daughter, age 2 years.

"Dad - it's close to it. I would like to speak with them, "said Saman wife.

"To sue the father - mother I was not scared or angry that he "Somjit also concerned because she had to stay home alone during the healing to work.

Man looking for female with compassion. There is no other way to say if they forbid themselves. They would not listen because their whole body tattoo .. it was a gecko pattern. The history of alumni from prison somewhere.

"Alright, so to speak. Father - he was a good mother. I would listen to me.... Home to the "healing cut.

4 The next day is Sunday. I - I Ai I returned home in the morning. This measure is not going to work and heal. I hear a lot. So I went out to find him a great man the rails as he opened the door I came out. A waist wallet is a general merchant.

"Hello, brother," He heals the humble hand hill.
Big man turned to the sound with the respect I concur. First, the good-natured smile.
"Oh, you are back home, sure enough. What I have. "
"Is that I want to talk with my brother."
"What is already engaged!" A female voice coming from inside the car.She is the female body fat round the lip, jackfruit, red glaring
He turned to the sound healing hands make him respect.
"I have to talk to both my brother."
Man told he suffered as a result of the actions of their men. His behavior with me until the end. Both spouses are aware of the habit of men erect their own good. He expressed sympathy and said it would be prohibitive.The healing of my son as well.

Returned home to heal you with peace of mind because Somjit. Seem a married couple who are good and I think the problem go away soon.

After his father - the mother will have to let go of, like, ever. Healing in the evening from work to home, as usual. Turn your car into the house. It did not light There are many motorcycles parked cars, ran to the front yard done it. Rather than shut down. But the opposite. They turn up the volume on car park side. Pan the sound of lightning and his daughter singing voice was loud against the car stereo. I do not heal properly. Somjit hold the ball out to his wife.

"The kids next door, right? It."

Kadฟan heal the bitterness. His life as if it has not been available. I like peace. Unlike his brother, totally. He would do if I still have to fight it. He did not want that. I was young and his wife. He is responsible for all the family.

Sound of silence to the car. With a sigh of relief soon.
Burning up the other gunshots. Followed by an angry man shouting.
"I do not like to let my dog ​​live animals. I found it good, "it is the voice of hope, Ai," Hey! Today we have full faith. "
It is made lawful for enterprising culture. Because I - I just keep throwing money to use.

Let them drink it. Fuss and complain all night. I also hear shouting and challenging time. The shot noise several times. Represents the greatest threat.

He was calm, but heals the patient into a funk in the eyes of those done it because she knew her husband Somjit pity in his heart that hurt me. In fact, it does not have the abilities to heal. He has been enlisted and trained enough. But that is peaceful. Not as if there were none. Most importantly, he had just 2 years old, it is a great concern to keep him out of his way to the curb.
"It's cool."
"It was too much haha! With a gun threatening to "heal in love with my wife looking at the commotion.
"We informed the police say, he".
"The police would not do much of anything, not because they have not done anything wrong. Just do it ".
"We will stand with me or not?".
These questions need to think hard to heal. She's home, where we will run away. It's just a rental. We will run it for?

Situation is worsening every day because of the healing done to bring them to mingle more gravely. They ride through the home page, healing he shouted. I like the fun is in the eye heals.

Judgement day finally arrived. It is a way that no one can change karma into something else.

Today is the day his father - the mother to return home, almost lunar light.They like that in the morning to take me to the temple near my house is done I hope my post to misbehave. Because of the prophet say that he is fortunate to death. Both spouses to have a bath. The sweet smell of incense, candles and food to people at the temple as intended. And most importantly, I have something nice to look at as well.

"I really hope! Ai I hope so, "the voice shouted, and said he was home.But let's hope I still snoring loudly mocking the people who run it again.When I drink it almost knocked the lights and just sleep. Prior to her - she would arrive home less than half an hour. Both parents. Let's wake. It also does not wake up. Drag it down let it fall to sleep. I wake up tired and have to retreat to give up.

"I really have to go against me. It would have made for a "female husband's turn to speak.

Ai hope people do not think it will work for the island's - and my mother had built. It is my daily life, then to bed. I never thought about. I think the other day, but evil. Fellowship, but the wicked. The children behave like this. It is inevitable from the responsibility of parents - mothers. Not teachAnd from the beginning. But that's it. Not want to do it. The more a woman will hurt more than some people say that if they are considered a merit good behavior. But if the industry is behaving badly. I still think the same.

After his father - I hope not thick enough to sell as usual.
Sound Off in the evening dinner. Many race car sound bite persistently eardrum. From the mouth of Soi destination is home to thick. I lured him raise his voice, talk to me. A prank. With the coming of the great meet.Later followed by the loud music. Sounds hilarious and fun evening for many people. The time prior to the nightlife. Heat of the Nam Mao began to change the habits of those who drink it.

Full moon night, a bright yellow moon shines down, leaning out into the darkness to it. I like the sun. It is like a lamp that gives light to two adjacent home.

Let's hope I do not think tattoos Kmag teachers. Famous for its toughness. It sat in the wine. In the hand is a hand gun. Ported out of the bearing capacity. I turned to him.

"This is a 0.38 on mine oh! I was not dead, it will inevitably grow. "

I do not care I let a few pages out of my 11 "Here at Vogue! This cylindrical body is not there. Shoot the elephant is just "with aircraft with more expertise. "I do not cook this one up. I did not invent it. "

The drunken but happy to eat and stay off until

Clock at midnight ...

Ai will stand with difficulty because of drunkenness. I scoop it stand out from the waist guns. I roll with the hand.

"It's a stretch to me," I let him have what he likes to shoot guns into the air on a regular basis anyway.

I totter out to the street in front of the house. The moonlight shines down from the sky through the thick pressed forward until you see a shadow along the ground. But a shadow has no head but with

Thick with a sleek look Monday at the toddler to the home page of its ancient rival. Then turn off the lights in silence.

"Hey! Why do I shrink my head is too thick. I was not actually cook it in! "I do not say the gun in the hand holds the gun trigger to the moon, burning up the volume really loudly .... Soi .. "I think that fate gets done."

But ... I do not like this before.

I walked out of the house healing. A man aged forty Wearing a white shirt.The shoulder bag is a cloth bag. He was distantly at the house where I stood holding the gun to be done.

I see people walking out. Ai pointed out that the "Oh! I just let her. Today I made my bile where they are met or not I want to die ".

But those who walk out saying "I must die, let it in animals."

I find this word. I hope it's nice to not think of a cat is a tame tiger to do.They are just young people, aged wild pedantry if it does not dare to fight with even gloat. Persecuted, harassed by the levity.

In a situation where escape is difficult. I feel afraid to lose face. Plus because of drunkenness. And destiny, then it must Tึgฆat. Therefore, the aim was pretending to shoot guns. But I have eyes with astonishment.

Faster than a juggler. Men dressing in white cloth bag from the shoulder.The black hand grabbed up quickly. Followed by a bright flash of light at the end of the Blast, according to Black. The damage done to the reel with the harsh impact of the bullets but no gun, M-16 because it was a close call. Blood flow while the flow like water pipes.

Ai Ai red-handed shots and killed two funeral I heard boasting that the gun is set. Guns rushed out to see. I see that as anything. Arrange turn to flee.The gunman was white daredevil He turned the gun muzzle fire is not yet.Both sleep and die tragically. They remained in the house .. I do Tiger out of the scoop did Haihaw out towards the back end ..

The big news in the morning the prisoners were executed by a tiger, he notified his home country of the Northern Region. Jailbreak when I was five and a fraction. To get to his funeral. And I visit a brother at home at midnight but did not find his brother because his brother to a funeral earlier. But this impetuous teenager next door to his brother. The clash occurred. Shot dead three people were arrested, police are monitoring closely. I know that the tiger was because I heard it, that's surviving tigers, the new jailbreak is out.

9.00. The funeral home was the father of twins, and healing.

Somjit was helping her take off the shirt. And a glass of water to eat. "I like it."

"Tired but it's worth.



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