Dog scabies

Dog scabies
Above the sun shines down onto the bottom and heat. The Ekrgakekrgใh.Creatures living on the world of the oppressed. And the day that the sun is very hot, almost as much as double. Like to burn everything to ashes scattered into the air to burn. People say that. The world is different.Because of their hard drive in the world are almost exhausted.

He made a dash on the road on the heels Kraแhieg brand new asphalt. I think the heat until the meat is burning out. HTML FORMS road surface was hot enough to fire And he wanted to run away from this road. The body was thin, but skinny And skin ulcers as a scab.Unable to walk or run a business than this. Walk a few steps down the trap.I tried to get a new one. In order to further their own breath. To someone you know has a dog in human scabies in this beautiful community.

He was only one dog scabies. The resin is poured into the streets to sleep. And a little tricky in the trash. Or a charity car only big fish to eat only rice to feed and clothe I hear that today is his birthday, the car owner. Before she would only give him food. She complained that the resistance was buzzing. You're rich. The lottery and the countless others.

I glance at him, but as the owner of the car. If a sudden he became a real angel. He works for everything she requested. Because at least I took her to bring water, rice and dog scabies, as he had eaten.Even before her beginning to like it. It was not what was important was that she took the dog scabies are dying because of hunger. But that was long ago. Long as he remembered her, and it did not taste that day.

Humans and animals, it would be a much different. I have the same breath as the body organs was almost the same, then why? But he was a dog with scabies or just putrid. Scabies dog on earth as it is a wonderful thing in what I was proud I was the one I love is how it is. His torso and dry it with soft water. Or to handle it if they could. He is only a stone or wood, which is handy to the body, they are generally

He stopped under a tree fall down. To have the energy to go find it. That move came near every time. I was hungry, and bite wounds are painful, every minute. This is a very terrible suffering. Who would know better than him. He is a dog scabies that no one cares. No one glance look at him at all. He is the only thing on earth putrid waste that should be removed as soon as the remains of the day.

"Go away, I went around Hmabga around around around around around around. Voice of the people are yearning for, it echoes in his ears all the time. Rest until he has enough energy to walk further. He decided to cross the street if the putrid waste that is rich food source. The treasure is worth. I may have overlooked. They gather strength for the final walk He went limp in the middle of the road in the car ............... Mahhu suddenly lunge for the vast majority have thrown him to the other side, near the restaurant where I live. full He was in pain. And his rotten blood splash splash fouling people eating rice, as well as merchants. List them. He heard I was vomiting I swallowed chewing. Be the first to come out ......... until he smiled one last time before the spirit is far away ................ Hludlai



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