Unto the Father Bray honest.



Unto the Father Bray honest.
Ministry of Education Science.
I heard my father's family name Bray first home of his father (Social Science Teacher) around the end of 1981, so that contact has been made. His mother's generation. Instead you feel both surprised and concerned father. I appreciate and are pleased with the initiative of Father Bray was very brave to do what had never happened before. In the history of Catholic publishing. The Catholic magazine in the field in that era. As you know, there are only publishers of Mission in Bangkok, which is caused by a combination of "Sarasas" and "natural ingredients", so that would not have been easy to make the magazine a success. If it were not for the visionary and full of wisdom While the ambush. This is a source of surprise that a child in his family who love books and love to do. We know that a particular book. It is not easy being the general reader may feel that it is easy. But the real underlying problems at once by the member.Continuous supply of articles. The book and the contents of each article.The use of language and proofreading.
That was a concern for you was Bray. Because he does not do it. A magazine and one in Thailand that have no advertising. So I worry that it is not long survive. Who appreciates the initiative of Father Bray. He sees his father as a small man. Beaming With eyes of compassion, which indicates the presence of good faith and seriousness. And a fighter. I'm so glad the Cristag nationwide have the opportunity to read it in English, which is very rare at that time. I have read in the foreword of his first edition, he writes.
"The Journal of the light is low. Weaving light and agitation to all of us To love God and my mother's blessing any more. "
Was very impressed to see that your father was a lover of books. My Lord and my God. And psychological commitment to the mission and activities.I know that you are a lover of books. Not long after that. I had the opportunity to articles that he stored both past and present. Which is in both English and French. I love you Jesus and Mary. I know that later.Father Bray's mother was barely breathing. Seen from the various institutions that he was a pioneer. Or take part in the construction are the name of "Mary" was a St. Mary's University. Clinic, St. Mary. And the expansion of St. Mary's Hospital in Korat home Mary Mary's new home.And the Temple of Our Lady of Miraculous Medal.
The end of 1982, I considered very fortunate to have the opportunity to serve his tour guide. The proximity of the father, arrived from France about 10 days remaining route from Bangkok. Stop at a building adjacent to the Temple Church retreats coin magic. Through the home turn. St. Mary Hospital, Ubon Ratchathani and Chiang Mai in Thailand, this I know and respect my father even more. I believe his father and his mother a lot. But my father was alive to the truth. And simple down to earth. Because of the trip, like his father did not believe anyone else during the long bus ride each day. We pray the Rosary Church, just a call raised by about 20-30 prayer beads to pray the morning and the rest of the afternoon. And when I say you have 10 working days Maria's turn to sing the Latin atmosphere.All glory be to the praise for the Holy Trinity. The father has diabetes, so he was very cautious in terms of type and amount of food. Can I follow your doctor's instructions carefully. Throughout the trip. Your father is not wasteful spending at all. However, as a souvenir with his mother and valuable. Father does not hesitate to spend money. Both of which are expensive. Including the image depicts a large Nihhanuecraahs pearl. It is the only souvenir he bought round trip.
Father is an example of those who trust in God. Optimistic And compassion. I witnessed your performance in this regard as well. It's a business that you are a business that is hard to find anyone even think of doing it. It is implemented with determination. To remove the land of the Mission returned from Korat. Building schools, hospitals and housing for young women. The book depicts the new initiative. Father is an example for us all to live happily both in this life. With the accumulation of wealth for the eternal face of the rich.
My whole life, but the idea to others. The goal is to honor his mother and his father also was very impressive in terms of confidentiality. I know many people which is not good. When they repent and ask for help from the father. Can you help us and provide assistance as needed. Regardless of income, the absence of institutions that are in the care of his father. And he did not utter words that might bring discredit to those who are helping me.
In early 2009 I visited the family of a son. It works in the hospital of St. Mary (Korat), have been faithful to know the various temples. Mission in Korat has a glass of Non Non Non Royal opera house, turn around and ask Sai Bangkok on middle-aged and older people to know that Father Bray or not. Not everyone is known only I remember that. The dress has a say on behalf of his father as "Oh, Father Marie Louise Bray Vilnius or know it as well," they said to me with an appreciation that My father worked hard.Overcome various obstacles and helping people as well. It is this reason.When there is a chance that our family would go to pray at the grave of his father. We encourage you to imitate his father. Especially in matters of love and giving to others.
Now the father of us go through 8 years, but the great beauty of the father remains in our hearts always. Although the name of the Father, it has not yet been recorded in the House and the saints, but at least I believe that the Father is eternal happiness in heaven. A hymn of praise to God in the arms of Mary. With a look at his mother's read a book and call upon God through Mary. So we all went to be with you in heaven for sure.

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