Police with the expectation of the people.


Police with the expectation of the people.
In today's society. There are many problems. The problem of crime in various forms that are more complex. Social problems, which demonstrates that people are much more likely.It is said to politics, the public sector.
The society be changed to any great expectations of the police, it is also a social being. Expect the police to prevent crime occurring. Expect that when a crime occurs, police will not arrest criminals or stolen property, they expect the police to bring back a return. Some people did not disappoint. When the police is the hope of the people. Police would not disappoint people. This is easier said that done, but what is the problem.
How do the police will be in accordance with the expectations.
We can not deny that today. The duties of the police is critical if we consider the role and functions of the police. The following.
1.) Prevention (Prevention).
To prevent crimes occurring. The act in an aggressive way, such as the Patrol out to defense. News investigation found. The Police Public Relations, which will look like.
1.1) to prevent crime. As a measure to protect the welfare of the citizens before the accident, the catastrophe. Prevent any other person or entity is infringing. Law crimes. To suffer. Life and property damage in the body of the people.
1.2) to prevent damage. Prevent damage or loss that may occur with the lives and property of citizens. Both are caused by an act or not act intentionally or unintentionally by humans, such as prevention of traffic accidents were damaged power lines. Cover the damaged pipe in the way thoroughfare. Fallen trees blocked traffic, etc. In some cases the police may need to resolve or mitigate incidents that could occur directly, such as animals or poisonous snakes into the house. Or contact other relevant agencies to resolve the representations.
2.) Suppression (Suppression).
Is after the event he or crime occurred on the track to catch the criminals to relieve suffering damage or harm that occurs where the suppression of several ways, such as from the suspension of the controversy a little before attacking Ram lot. or under investigation or inquiry. To be able to bring the guilty to punishment. It can be implemented quickly, the poorest one. It will build trust. Warm heart for people who have a greater police.
3.) Protect the rights of individuals (Protection).
Is to protect the rights of a person shall not be violated by someone else.The suspension must prevent acts of harassment suffered a damage to occur, such as radio, the burning of garbage, grass, causing suffering to others.
4.) Service (Service).
Provide services. Is encouraged. Prevention and suppression of crime, as well as conditions that can cause May lead to crime or misfortune, or suffered damage. Both direct and indirect services such as news, traffic, or leave the house with the police service when the public is not at home. I suffered various problems over the phone, etc. (Technical Division. Police Cadet Academy, 2551: 23-24).
In order to fulfill its role and functions of the police. As mentioned above, the Police Act 2547 has defined responsibility and authority. Police narrow down the scope of authority. By the mission, which is not related to the role, either directly or as the police can not operate effectively, it is transferred to the government or the private sector, and to take action as soon as doing so would be to police. enough time. For the suffering of the people who take care of the problem is the mission more effectively.
It also has the power to organize a new government in the National Police Agency.
1. Office of the Chief of Police and Chief of Police.Responsibility of the National Police Agency has the authority and responsibility to set guidelines. Everybody is different, and usually in the annual policy.
2. The Commander in Chief is like.Representatives of the National Police Headquarters in the management of various The more centralized the power of reason, if there are any laws, regulations or orders or resolutions of the Council on any matter that is under the authority of the Chief of Police. Commander units. I have the same powers over the appointment. To move the salaries of police commanders and commanders of various units. Have jurisdiction over the process itself will help the government to effectively streamline and become more independent. In particular, policy-makers. Plans, projects and measures to respond to crime, as well as the diverse needs and distress of the people.
It also requires people to participate in the management of the National Police Agency. It serves as a member of the National Police Board has a policy or K.t.ch. British government to oversee the police and police practices policy. Convention Cabinet. In addition, the monitoring and evaluation of police officers or Kt.tr. the people who live in the area have been elected or appointed to Hynix's role in monitoring. Evaluate the performance of police officers in the one in charge. The starting point of allowing people to take part in joint thinking. Participate and monitor the performance of every police officer to close up.
Moral values, ideals, ethics, and medical equipment traffic police Bana is defined as a framework for the police to hold and practice.
The word "moral" is for goodness. "
(The Royal Institute Dictionary 2542).
The word "integrity" means all the combinations thereof.
Comparison of morality and ethics that
Virtues like hardware.
The moral is that you softwar. W. Methi by: khajon.p - [18 October 2550 - 11:02:34].
Moral beauty is goodness in the hearts with their training.Collective behavior in a long time. The moral is that good. The beauty is that people behave like monitors. Do the right thing to avoid is the worst evil. To benefit their own interests rather than as a source of moral ethics.
His Majesty the King as a guide for action in four major areas.
1.1 To maintain the honesty and sincerity to behave themselves, but what is useful and fair.
1.2 is self-restraint. I trained myself to behave in an honest and good.
1.3 The tolerance and austerity that will not go beyond his faithfulness.Reason whatsoever.
1.4 also leave behind the evil and corruption and is taking advantage of their minority. For most of the country.
Values ​​of the police.
Police to hold and practice the values ​​of the police.
5 The government has announced in the following respects.
2.1 Self-reliance and perseverance.
2.2 save and economize.
2.3 The discipline and respect for the law.
2.4 Implementation of the virtues of religion.
2.5 How has the Patriot King Sat.
The word "ethics" is a fair practice, Ethics, regulations of morality
The word "ethics" means that the practice is like to be Kฎsiltrrm (Royal Academy's dictionary. Fri 2542).
Police officers is one mechanism of the state in which they must be cultivated and
Incubation of ethics is directly related to the duties of the police.
1. The police must respect the faith and commitment to the democratic regime of government with the King as Head of State. Must behave as follows.
(1) devotion and worship the king and queen, the heir apparent. And did not allow any harassment.
(2) support democratic politics with faith. A politically neutral non-executive director of a political party. And not do any harm to you or to any political party. The candidates, both nationally and locally.
2. The police must respect the rights and freedoms of citizens under the provisions of the Constitution. And other laws and regulations. Without discrimination.
3. Police officers to perform their duties effectively. Effectiveness and benefits. Taking into account the interests of public officials, community and nation must behave as follows.
(1) perform their duties with zeal and prudence, transparency, accountability and fairness.
(2) perform their duties with diligence and perseverance. Diligently to sacrifice the acumen. Courage and patience.
(3) willingness to act responsibly, not desert Do not avoid or ward off liability.
(4) care and use of public property is worth saving. The careful not to damage or waste to be treated Reply Post Reply conduct their own property.
(5) maintain the confidentiality of the government. And confidence that comes from performing their duties. The government of the people who come in contact. Except as disclosed in the interest of justice. Check the laws, rules or regulations.
4. Police officers with police to make people conscious of their faith and confidence. Must behave as follows.
(1) with a friendly attitude. Have good interpersonal skills. And courteous public service. As well as a willingness to serve the public and non-discrimination.
(2) act as the trust of the people. Not encroach. Does not represent or obscene gestures or dignity. Do not use words or gestures, including words that are vulgar, profane, cynical people.
(3) generous aid and assist the public in a position to need help. The victim of an accident. Violations of law or other threats, whether that person is a suspect or a criminal or not.
(4) compliance with laws and regulations of the government information very seriously. To provide information to people who request it. Must be made quickly without delay to the delay. And do not give false information to the public.
Police need to keep learning all the time. To develop their own HTML code. And expertise in the responsibility. And to learn about the laws, regulations, customary practice of the government in the prosecution of justice such as courts and the Department of Corrections Department related to their duties and responsibilities. Realistically to be able to work harmoniously. And beneficial to the government's National Police Agency.
5. Police are committed to honesty and morality. Based on the common good over personal gain. Must behave as follows.
(1) does not take place. Powers or duties. Or allow others to use location. Their powers or duties. Benefits for themselves or others.
(2) does not take place. Powers or duties. Or allow others to use location. Their powers or duties. In the inducement or influence the decision. Use discretion. Or the actions of police officers or other government officials. As a result of the decision. Use discretion. The actions of the loss of objectivity and fairness.
(3) and did not receive a gift in addition to conventional Gift it. Be valued by the Board of the National Anti-Corruption prescribed.
(4) does not take any government official or business purposes or personal gain.
(5) do a career service, which is a conflict of interest. Or conflict.Between personal and public life, personal interests, not the unclean taint the position. Even that did not break the law.
Is negligible. Do not wallow in them actually. Not extravagant luxury. And cost savings based on their position.
6. Police have pride in the profession.


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