World AIDS Day

As at 1 December is World AIDS Day is recognized worldwide as AIDS.Is a serious disease. Since the spread of AIDS from 2527 onwards to date. AIDS has killed many a man. At present, Thailand has been infected with HIV. Approximately one million people. Died five hundred thousand people are expected to live about five hundred people with AIDS as a national issue that all people need help to fix it. Due to AIDS. No vaccine.Despite current treatment, but not the government have to bear the cost of medical care for AIDS patients is increasing every year. So if people living with HIV is increasing. Will result in the loss of manpower due to HIV in the working age This will result in significant damage to the economy and society of the country.

If the mention of AIDS, almost all Thai people with AIDS, but will not actually know what it is today, if you listen to today. To listen and understand AIDS. In particular, understanding the minds of the people infected with HIV. During the hearing AIDS.
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