When AIDS was discovered.

When AIDS was discovered.
AIDS is a disease that was discovered since the year 2524 in the United States. It was found that the first patient has symptoms that are different from other patients. And is immune to aging. Without knowing the exact reason that this patient had a history of normal immunity. And later found in patients with symptoms as well as the patient increases. To AIDS. Quickly spread throughout the world due to travel back and forth between countries to find a quick and easy. People infected with HIV can travel to different places. The world. With HIV. But no symptoms. When outside the normal healthy people. And these people tend to have sexual activity, whether between women and men. Male or Female. This behavior is an important way to make it. The spread of AIDS is fast. And use of the drug is injected into the personal activities that are difficult to control. The cause of the disease has spread. The spread to Thailand. The first patient in Thailand in 2527 as the MSM.

Factors that cause HIV infection rates vary in each society.
Because of AIDS, sexual intercourse and blood contact by contact from person to person but the sex is a normal activity. I have to eat every day.Of both humans and animals. To sustain the human race. It is not allowed to have sex, do not. The increase of AIDS in each country depending on cultural context of the society. Thailand has a lot of prostitution. The man's behavior or values ​​over prostitution in Thailand. And do not use condoms.The spread between men and women is very high, while the African countries which have problems of poverty. And public health is not good enough. With the same sexual high. The prevalence rate is very sexual.

Key factor in the spread of AIDS in Thailand is fast is that all the risk behaviors of male teachers. By having sex with prostitutes. Like to change partners frequently. Not to use condoms. We also think that they are not in the group at risk of HIV infection. Together with the Thai culture. Women do not dare talk about sex with her husband. Or with a partner. I think that they are in the risk of AIDS. Think AIDS is a disease that they spread into the family life of husband and wife. And even to infants.

You hear it on World AIDS Day on December 1 last week so if you need to reduce AIDS.



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