What you need to know. What about insurance.

What you need to know. What about insurance.

Why you need car insurance?
Sometimes the problem a little by accident. May require you to pay a lot of repair. If your car insurance is like you have a social security card, car or life insurance. You will be able to see a doctor whenever you get sick. Or health-related issues without having to pay any more business with us as well Kanpai car you can drive with confidence. And peace of mind that if you are unfortunate accidents that are not at fault. Or a person injured in an accident. You are responsible for the already however, you should check before buying insurance. Insurance companies that are better than before.

Who is covered by insurance.

1. You.
2. The parties are at fault.
3. Your car is damaged in an accident.
4.'s Party, the party is and has been damaged by the industrial Pittsburgh.
5. Third parties that are affected by the temperature of the Butte. (By type of insurance).

Insurance companies.
Today, auto insurance companies to choose from, so you should get plenty of companies that interest you before that. The company has a history of good customer service? It takes too long to arrive at the scene or not? Responsibility associated with insurance or much less how to avoid? Reliable or not? Staffed with polite or not? This information can be obtained from friends or from general news services. The insurance company will provide legal counsel. If you have a problem. By accident.Therefore, the insurance company that's very important as well.

The service is fierce to be associated with the cost of repairing the vehicle. Medical expenses that you will receive a refund on a car and lost money.

Previously agreed to buy car insurance. First, you must ensure that it is secure enough. Insurance salesman by asking about the history of the company. A few years ago. Many insurance companies have been shut down. Blister due to the financial crash. And bankruptcy. I lose money!

Later on, you should learn is that insurance premiums would vary with the level of coverage you will receive. Should ensure that appropriate financial and insurance forms and styles that suit your financial status should be protected.

Basic insurance is usually divided into four categories.
General, the vehicle must be insured.
Protection, protection of the wounded from the car.

A Type 1.
Car insurance coverage to protect your car's sides.

A Category 2.
Protecting your car insurance coverage.

A type 3.
Protection of the parties to protect your car.

The insurance salesman. Details about the type of insurance. And the coverage you will receive. The premium you pay. If you have details on what you do not understand. Should ask for clarification before making a purchase.

Recently, several insurance companies have increased their insurance customers feel cheated by the price. The worst is that insurance companies often find ways to circumvent the protection of the conditions that can be flexible later. It is imperative that you be careful and thorough understanding of those conditions.

Tips to reduce your fee.
On ensuring that you compare insurance companies. Individual sites.Should ask the salesperson to ensure you can receive a discount such as in the case.

1. The car in a very affordable price. Can not reduce premiums.
2. Some companies offer discounts for.
* Car is rarely driven.
* People who do not smoke.
* People who do not drink alcohol.

3. For families who have more than one car. Many companies have reduced premiums for up to 15-20 percent.
4. Tend to reduce the price for
Small car.
Piston engines with lower
Vehicles equipped with airbags.
Vehicle-mounted anti-theft system.
* Anti-lock brakes.
* The driver has a certificate on safe driving.
* Students with a high GPA.
* Single women aged between 30-49 years.
* The driver enjoys a good portion Pr. (Not always the case with more than 3 years).

5. Insurance companies generally do not charge you for a competitor.
6. Before you agree to buy insurance. Should ask the salesperson the price premiums that The Company's policy premiums will rise about.
If your car after an accident. To consider before making a decision.

The girl looks for protection when the car accidents or lost.

The solution after the accident that we have to be complicated. One thing that will help you with that. Follow these instructions.

1. Inform the police about the incident, such as being hit and injured. Or collision with a motorcycle without insurance.
2. Let the insurer know as soon as possible. We will help resolve the situation.
And prepare the materials necessary for you immediately.
3. If the police involved. The details for the journal.
4. To cooperate in the investigation and answer the questions of security officers.
5. The details and all necessary documents to the insurance office.
6. If you feel that an investigation or management that is not fair, you should seek advice from an attorney before I agree again.

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