What we overlooked

What we overlooked.
This article was written by George Collins, a popular comedian. He
wrote on September 11 (World Trade Tower collapse) after knowing that
his wife died in the building itself .. .. What I wanted to do. I have
read all of this has meant good.

Today we are building up. The road widened, but less tolerant.

We have a larger home. But our family back down.

We have more new drugs, but health worse.

We love less. But there is more hatred.

We reach the moon, then. However, we found that

Just across the street to greet their neighbors to be very difficult
... ... ... ...

We already conquered space. But deep in my heart I just can not touch.

We have higher income. The moral to decline.

We have very good food but poor health.

Today, every home has to earn up to 2 people, but the divorce to increase.

So from now on ... ... ... ... to us. Do not keep a good hold on it
for special occasions.

Every day we are still alive. ... ... ... ... And special occasions.

Seek discernment

I sit on the balcony to enjoy life. Do not pay attention to me ... ... ..

I spend time with family Friends and loved ones to be more ... ....

Eat delicious food. To see where it goes.

Life is a chain ring of a minute of happiness is not just to survive.

It is used to cut glass.

I took a good perfume that I use when I want to use.

I say that. ... ... One day ... ... .. out of the dictionary.

Tell everyone we love them that love me.

Yeah, do not turn on security. To do whatever we have to increase.

Every day, every hour, every minute has meaning.

We do not know when it ends.

And this time ....

If you think you do not have time to copy this message to your loved
ones to read ... ... I think .... One day I sent .. ... ... ... .. Do
not forget that .... One day ... .. that day. You may not have come
here to do that you need more time.

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