Unto me.

Large stone

Large stone.

Well-known lecturer in management at one. Students listen to lectures.Academics panting a glass jar. And a few large stones were placed at the front of the class. Then began the process of learning ..
Start with some lime into the glass jars by putting down a large stone.Then I asked where that jar is full or not. Students say it is not full.Speakers, thus giving the audience try to put a small stone into several pieces, but there remains a gap between rocks. Sand is poured into. And to ensure that a full dozen. Finally, pour it into the UK for a dozen.Speakers will be asked. "What do you see in this jar?".
I replied, "Where is the effort. Success is there. "
I answered, "We are always looking for extra time if there is true intentions."
The lecturer said. This shows you that jar. "If you can not put a large stone in the first place. It is not the way it was put into it. Like most people, we need to fix before then. Gradually fill up with the other secondary. Down the order. "
"What is the big rock in our lives .. to spend time with people we love.Belief, faith, hope and dreams. To act as beneficial to society ... this evening I think. Then remove the large stone, put it before ".

Cherry varieties.

I have that.
The father is the one that came from the cherry varieties. I planted it at home and ordered everyone in the house to help take care of.

Take care of it as good as his father's cherry tree ever. One day while I work out.
Son named George who has a small ax with a new mix of naughty but funny teeth.
I went to my father's beloved cherry trees with cherry trees, gently laying it down on the floor, but the stump above the ground a few inches. When he got home, the beloved cherry trees in that it shocked the people in question are unknown.
I think his son would call out
With a loud voice said, "George, come in," George went out to his father.
Father George has asked that
"George, I know why this is the cherry tree."
George's head, but I finally looked up, he said.
"I did not lie, he said.
I am a dentist from Cherry took his ax. "
My father told George that "I was in the house" ....
George walked into the waiting room of his father. Over time, the big room he came in the room.
George and asked that "Why do the cherry tree to cut a little longer, everyone in the house will eat of it, too."
Father George, I think. "I did not intend it.
I'm doing with my own ignorance. "
Then I head down to George. Blush with shame.
I heard my father say.
"George was in his view. I started to feel sad that my father was down to Cherry. But I'm better than them. His honesty and courage to accept their own actions. If none of this stuff. Although cherry varieties for the garden.It's useless. "
George remembers these stories and the courage and honesty, and until even.
To serve as president, "George Washington".
This is the true story of President George Washington.
Then impressed on how to teach your father. Instead I will punish them with a withering Exacting customers. Or focus on anything. But my father said to his back gently with words that do. Children need to remember for life. If he cut sharply. It may not have President George. Washington, this time ... ..
In my life, once we pay attention to what remains.
But instead what I'll be back
Unto me.

A nation of strangers, I say I do not intend, he replied, "Sorry, I could see you."
We were polite even when I represent a personal statement at a personal residence are not known.
But at home that evening. I cook in the kitchen. I was standing behind his little daughter could be turned against me, she collapsed.
"Do not stand clutter," I put me.
She walked away. Her heart aches. And that night I hear whispers from the deep of the heart.
"With strangers, he was polite. Me closely. Why Tmadglgca it. "
We think we have to look at the kitchen. We think the colorful flowers at the store, hoping to surprise us.
She was the salt of the general flow of tears, "I have not seen any" I just knew I was kneeling beside the bed, gently Yong children.
"I love him. This is a collection of flowers to the mother or ".
I replied, "Yes, I see flowers in bloom. Beautiful as you. Know that you love. The blue flowers. "
I imbued the "I love the fact that my book."
"Mom, please do not think it was my mother."
"Mom, I love my mother's favorite flower, too. Especially the blue. "
If you died tomorrow. A few days, employers look for people to do instead.
But the family behind to grieve a lifetime. Think of it for me.
If we commit ourselves to work than family.
FAMILY know it stands for.
FAMILY = Father And Mother I Love You.
Time with his father - your mother will ever wake up. Is the time to balance work and at home.
If someone told you to lose focus. I retort back to that family is less important than what?

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