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The past Hurricanes have changed your homeowners insurance policy, do you know how much?

- Screen enclosures are limited or excluded on some policies

- Mold coverage is excluded or limited on MOST policies

- Hurricane Deductibles have increased

- Underwriting Fees have been added to some polices and are NON REFUNDABLE

- Replacement cost has been changed to an optional coverage


Flooding is NOT covered under your home insurance policy

Flooding is RISING WATER from the OUTSIDE.

Flood Insurance Annual Premiums range from $200.00-$317.00 if you are not in a required flood zone.

How Can I Reduce My Insurance Premium without compromising my coverage?


Windstorm Mitigation Reports can REDUCE your policy premium up to 45%.

Go to www.mysafefloridahome.com for a FREE windstorm mitigation report on your single family home.

Shutters, Roof shape, roof covering and roof attachment are all discounts.

- Monitored Alarm System

- Raising your OTHER THAN HURRICANE DEDUCTIBLE can reduce your insurance several hundred dollars a year.

- Multi line discounts for placing more than one line of business with the agency

What do I do After the Damage Has Happened?

- Standard Homeowners policies cover fire, theft, vandalism, water back up, liability and hurricane.

- You must file your claim under a COVERED PERIL (Listed above)

- Contact a restoration company IMMEDIATELY after you have had a significant water or fire damage claim.

TLC Restoration Services – 1-800-371-CARE

- Do not attempt to dry out water yourself and assume that there is not any additional damage. This is where mold comes into play and then you have problems getting the mold damage paid for by the insurance company. Remember it must be a COVERED PERIL.

- Do not assume that the damage is “no big deal”. If you have a fire in your kitchen and one small cabinet is damaged, if that cabinet cannot be matched, you will need all new cabinets in the kitchen.

Helpful Hints to make filing a claim easier

- Know your deductible and be sure you are comfortable with that deductible. You must EXCEED the deductible before there is any compensation from the insurance company.

- Be sure that the CORRECT mortgage company is listed on your policy to expedite the claims payment process.

- Be sure your home is NOT underinsured. Your home should be insured to 100% replacement cost to rebuild the home. The land is not part of your home insurance policy, it is not going anywhere and if you are paying to insure it, you are OVERPAYING for your insurance.

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