Red roses.

Red roses.

Red roses were her favorite flower.
And she named Rose. This means that with the Roses.
Every year her husband sent me roses and a bow tie.
Even the year he died.
She also received a rose, which was sent to the home page. Written on cards attached to it. "I love".
Unlike many previous years. Each year he sent her roses.
He wrote. This year, I love you more than I ever loved a year ago.
Because the love of my growing up years ago to do ".
She knew that this was a bouquet of roses, then you will get.
She thought he would advance to order flowers on Valentine's Day.
That he did not know that he is gone he will always do it in advance.
So that they can not even matter how busy he is.
I fart rose stem. I held it in a special vase.
Placed beside the photo of her smiling face and a stain on his favorite chair.
Long hours. Staring at his photo. The roses on the side.
One year has elapsed.
It is very hard to be alone.
His fate for her to become desolate desolate
The door bell rings, it's like Valentine's Day a year earlier.
When she opened the door, they found red roses placed in front of the door.
She put it into the house. And was shocked with what they receive.
In the end she had to call the florist.
When do I receive a call. She asked him.
Why are people sending flowers to her.
It makes her feel pain.
"I know my husband. You can go a year ago. "
The store owner replies. "And I know that you need to call.
And want to know who sent the flowers to your flower.
This has not been paid in advance for your husband to be ordered.
The flower arrangements in advance. I have ordered flowers.
He kept on file and I was instructed to send you flowers every year.
There are issues here that I think you should be aware of. He wrote the card.
I give you a special one for many years.
He wanted me to send this card to you.
The next year he can go. "
She said I owned a flower shop, then drop the phone.
Cheeks the tears flow.
Pant as her fingers reach out and take that card.
The handwriting on the card he wrote to her.
She then began to read it quietly.
The card says.
"I will love. Now I have to go for one year.
Hopefully it will not make you feel too tired to fight with her years ago.
I know you feel lonely and painful.
If I feel no different from you.
The love of two people making all the beautiful things in life to be.
I love you too much to describe it is the perfect wife.
You are both friends and loved ones.
You fill my life to the full.
I know it's just going to be just one year, but I do not want you to fall into sadness.
I want you to be happy even when you shed tears.
And this is why I will still send flowers for you from now on for many years.
When you receive roses, I want you to imagine.
To enjoy the time we were in love, I love you always.
And know it will be like that forever.
But the love you have to fight next.
Have to live next. Please look for it.
All the days you are still alive.
I know it's not easy. If you continue to hope that it someday.
Rose will be sent to you every year.
And stop sending people to send flowers when I knocked on the door.
No one was open.
He will come five times that day, in case you are engaged outside.
If five times already and I Kuk Lab.
You do not know that he will have to bring flowers to the place where I ordered it.
The rose will be placed on top of that we spent together. Again, eternally

Clay pot upside down six from the charm of dark green leafy plant.
Stems are often looking hair. Removal of roots from the pot.
Clay roof tiles scattered on the cement.
I tried to climb out the window, standing at the outer edge. To keep everything in place.
But back to the pot with the soil is dry, paint the brick only.
It is a species of flower that I pick up from the distant province.
The water, fertilizer, take good care co-existence of two months.
Beautiful flowers, but never any chance that I typically do not correspond to the tree.
Betel growers have just spotted that easily.
It was not pretty like his pet. But I had never before attempted.
Although the location and the address. Not suitable for planting trees, but if they could.
For this reason, it makes me lose a potted plant hanger to hang them on the window.
But, I also have two potted plants. Although it is basically wood species.Were generally found.
However, the validity of it. It makes me proud to take care of itself enough.
Every morning and evening to water the plants by the window I noticed the water pouring onto the roof.
The sediment, soil and trees Hkcwem that day to stack together in the Gutter to clean the roof, since when.
Until one morning.
I see the bright yellow flowers bloom in the sun light.
I feel free to stalk bouquet of flowers presuming they are strong and boldly reach out to touch me not.
The poses of the flowers, but no less impressive than ever to impress.
I felt something special to go out ... maybe.
The love that we have anything that is too much.
Huang's concern over the holding position. Dependent than is necessary.
Instead of putting pressure on the hope that it comes pre-configured ...
Conversely, it may become the cause of the delay Remar to lose.
I sincerely hope not true.
It's probably not a good thing all the time. We may need to know the extent of it.
No living thing that grows under the shadow of the projection of one to every child.
Living independently. Although the sun is trying to do.
The water is a little bit. Fertilizer shortage to me, but at least they appreciate it.
Among the tens of thousands of ways of love, part probably refers to the distance.
To the other party the opportunity to grow their own.



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