The origin of life.

The origin of life.

We boat on the lake Kwai. Until you arrive at the resort, waterfront.Merchants, they eat together. Sleeping mats and see the moon. Any debate in the well. What is the origin of life.
The morning I went out to the headwaters of the River Kwai. The source of the river and see it. I have not seen the origin of life. Who is going to see it. Life is not a river.
I believe that life is good. Therefore, the origin of life would induce the flow of life, well, it must be something good.
The book's treatment of the leech York she writes that.
1. If the child is conscious, stable frozen in panic, while others turned to despair or blame, they say.
2. If they continue to maintain the integrity of the can. Even when surrounded by many people.
3. If not rapturous Even a child can be the raw.
4. I know the dream. But it is not fanciful.
5. I think. But do not be distracted.
6. If the child is exposed to fulfillment. And disappointment in life. Mind that these are usually normal in the world.
7. If they can not constrain the power and intensity that is almost forever.
8. If they have it. Even when his fortune.
9. If I take the time to value. It was a time of depression, depressed
See that all of them. Summarized into a single word is "conscious" and have a lot to do with how comfortable it is easy to get. A treat.

1. We must be conscious. I always do.
2. We should understand that life is like in our society.



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