Not be offset.

Not be offset.

It's a little boy to my mother, and paper.
After wiping her hands on the apron. She bent down and read.
The mower 5.00 Baht
Cleaning my room this week 1.00 Baht
The mother of 2.50 Baht
The brothers take care of 2.50 Baht
The garbage disposal is 1.00 Baht
The score is 5.00 Baht
Cleaning and sweeping at 2.00 Baht
Total outstanding 19.00 Baht
My son stood there looking at the expectations.
She picks up a pen, paper, flip to the back and write.
- Nine months pregnant mom I do not mind paying.
- The mother sat with her and pray for the nurses do not mind paying.
- A situation that the mother was not charged.
- Many nights, I have a suspicion and concern. I know that you think ahead.
- Toys, food, clothing, and even wiping your nose. I do not think my son.
- And when combined all together, it is full of true love.
I think it will.
When our son, I read what I write, it flows out in droplets.
His eye and said, "Mom, I really love it."
Then he took a pen to write in the> "pay up".
I love life. I think I love it. To her heart, though it will not be offset

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