Mae Hong Son

Small town is surrounded by mountains. Spanning parallel to the Thanon Thongchai mountain and mountain Laos. Covered with mist throughout the year. A stunning natural beauty. The top two of the best places to visit in Thailand. Yes, my town that are mentioned above. "Land in the Mist" is the codename of the province of Mae Hong Son, sure enough.

Mae Hong Son province is located on the west side of the north. Border with Myanmar. Divided into seven administrative districts together.Attractions scattered across the district. The natural attractions and historical sites. Thai architecture with a cultural life as a simple and unique dialect that is still a major Thai. Also known as the "kidney" to perfection. It is something that attracts attention and impress their guests at all times.
Statistics on the number of tourists traveling to Mae Hong Son province.
The number of tourists. Percentage change (%) Revenue (Million Baht) Percentage change (%).
2.35 1000 1.38 2545 236 993.
279 516 2546 17.52 1143 16.67.
311 031 2547 11.27 1286 12.51.
329 580 2548 5.96 17.07 1506.
2549 * 236 419 4.37 1259 14.66.
Source information: Tourism Authority of Thailand (in the first quarter of 2549 up to 3).
If you are a people who love nature or adventure tourism I can assure you that How to get to Mae Hong Son, you will not disappoint them. Your trip will be able to travel to Mae Hong Son province, both by car and airplane.But to take up the pleasure of travel is even more fun. Touch with nature. A winding path to the fullest. We recommend you travel by car. To visit a unique tourist attractions in the district of Mae Hong Son thoroughly.
The car has a third path is the path to the first Highway 108 route Chiang Mai - Mae - Mae Hong Son Distance of 349 kilometers to the winding path to the second curve 1864. Call 1095 Highway Mae Malai - Pai - Mae Hong Son Distance of 245 kilometers, winding curves and the third line 2027.The Doi Inthanon - Mae - Mae Hong Son
In this article we suggest a unique location in the seven districts of Mae Hong Son province. Starting off from Highway 108 through the Mae La Noi Yuam Sop Moei in Pang Ma Pha, and ends at Pai. Highway in 1095, the trip takes only 2-3 days only.

Sop Moei the shadows for long-tail boat to travel to the villages along both banks of the terrain's natural beauty perfectly. You can board the ship at the foot of the bridge across the river shine. The ideal time to travel is during the months of June to January.

Ban Mae Sam Lab. Melbourne District. The villages along the Salween River. Myanmar, Thailand and India are both from the black so-called "Kala" live as a relief for trade between Thailand and Burma. You can cruise. To enjoy both the Thai and the Burmese. We can ship to. Page Ban Mae Sam Lab. Take a cruise of about an hour.

Mae La Noi Tham Kaew Komon. Her Majesty Queen Sirikit. He ordered please. King's name means "beautiful glass cave" is a cave containing stalactites and stalagmites with a shiny white crystals. Minerals, calcite and quartz minerals, which was very beautiful and is considered one of UNSEEN IN THAILAND and open to visitors daily from 8:30 to 16:00 am

Flowers cover the fields of Doi Mae U Neck Tong Tong District Yuam lotus will bloom in late November and early December of each year. The glowing yellow across the valley covers an area of ​​over one thousand acres. A striking to see a lot. You can set up a tent to sleep or to watch a sunset view of Doi Mae U neck beautifully.

Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu in Mae Hong Son's Muang district was originally called "Wat the mountain" because it is located on the top of Doi Kong Mu, Mae Hong Son is a respectable place. And the view from the temple. You can see the whole city of Mae Hong Son. The temple bell and knock on anyone. Believed to have come back to visit again. If you do not forget to visit the Bell to see me.
In addition, the city has many tourist places of interest such as Wat Chong Kham, Wat Chong Klang Wat Tham Pla. Wat Pha mat. The mud pit.

Pang Ma Pha Nam Lod Cave. A cave of a mountain pass through the creek washed out the other side. Cause erosion. As a result, the stalactites and stalagmites and also unearthed an ancient tools, pottery, stone tools and human bones in a coffin, my man cave. Presumed to be valid for more than two thousand years.

Attractions in the district of Huai Nam Dang National Park is recommended that the Pai Pai Pai This is a popular tourist city of foreigners who have visited as well. On Khaosan. The city is quiet. The buildings are unique.And Huai Nam Dang National Park. You can watch the early morning mist and sunrise is very beautiful. It is best to travel in the winter. There are also many kinds of birds live at high altitudes. For those who enjoy bird watching.
For your next trip. If you do not have to do. I try and visit the small province. This murky territory, three cities. Still, it is always welcome.

The Data Coordination Center in Mae Hong Son travel.



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