List of Schengen accredited insurance companies in the Philippines

Latest assessment : June 2010

1. ACE Insurance Philippines

Website : www.aceinsurance.com.ph

2. Chartis Philippines Insurance, Inc.

3. Assist-Card

Website : www.assist-card.com

4. Blue Cross

Website : www.bluecross.com.ph

5. BPI – MS Insurance Corporation

6. Fortune General Ins. Corp

Website : www.fortunegeneral.com.ph

7.MAA Insurance

Website : www.maa.com.my

8. Malayan Inssurance Company, Inc.

Website : www.malayan.com

9. MAPFRE Insular Insurance Corporation

Website : www.mapfreinsular.com

10. Paramount Life and General Insurance Co

Website : www.paramount.com.ph

11. PNB General Insurers Co., Inc.

12. Standard Insurance Co.

Website : www.standard-insurance.com

13. UCPB General Insurance Co. Inc.

14. WorldWide Travel Insurance Plans

15. Everest International Group Administrators Inc.

16. Federal Phoenix Assurance Co., Inc.

Website: www.federalphoenix.com

The medical policies must state the following points :

1) Medical attention and treatment will be given in case of illness or accident

2) The injured or ill traveller can be transported home for treatment + body repatriation in case of death

3) The insurance coverage is a least 30 000 euros (50 000 US dollars)

4) The insurance must be valid for all 25 Schengen member states which should be listed on the policy

5) The insurance company must be re-insured, the name of the re-insurer and his TOLL FREE phone number must be listed on the policy

6) The policy must allow CASHLESS SETTLEMENTS of claims. The name of the company in charge of such settlements and their toll free number must be clearly stated on the policy.

NB : no company working on reimbursement basis will be accepted. Cashless settlements only.

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