Gift of time.

Gift of time.

Imagine having a bank account that you include a 86,400 Baht
There is no balance carried forward to the next day every evening to remove all the unused balance during the day.
What do you do? Of course, you need to withdraw all U.S. ใcheahm every cent!
We all have that same bank. The Bank was named "Time" is taken into account to 86,400 seconds.
Every night, it is clear that loss account for the amount you missed the opportunity to invest in something. It retained the balance.
The overdraft. Each day will open a new account for you. Every night to remove the balance of the day before.
If you lose the chance to use during the day. The loss is yours.
Can not go back. No withdrawal. "Tomorrow" available.
You have to live with the current balance of today.
The investment of these deposits to a maximum return. Whether it is healthy.
I แlacwamsmereh! The clock moving. Do this best.
I know the value of one year.
To ask students who fail must repeat the class.
I know the value of a month.
Go ask your mother to a baby prematurely.
I know the value of one week.
To ask a weekly newspaper.
I know the value of one hour.
To ask the lovers who are waiting for an appointment.
I know the value of one minute.
To ask someone who just missed the train.
I know the value of a fraction of a second.
To ask someone who just narrowly survived the accident.
And make it even more valuable because you use it with some special people.
The special enough to spend your time.
And remember that at one time, not even a single person.
Yesterday is the past. I also difficult to explain. Today is a gift.
That it why it is called "Present".
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