Eternal love.

Eternal love.

There is a story between a girl and a young beauty who is very much in love and swear by it.
Although death may be taken to secure this beautiful love it.
And then there is the one witch who does not believe that either of the two is strong.
I figured out a way to prove that she said .... ..
"If you are confident in each other's love. Which is sustainable, even if death is taken.
So I just want to see how it will look like ... I would curse them from now onwards.
Whether it is a national rebirth. This man is no way you can remember. He can not remember. I love you.
And contrast them. You are the ones who remember everything. Because it will remain like this forever.
Is not going to have to live this life forever ... You will remember that I love them.
I have been waiting for his return. The nation was ever in existence ...
Any days where you realize that he loves you. You have to remember him.That ... is that the end of thy eternal ..
He is old and die. Conditions of life should be .. . And this is one of the man instead ...
He must be some people who find them ... ".
Then came year after year, over time, the Army century. The girl watched as the young lovers.
And every time she met him on one condition. No memories about her even less ...
She tries to do everything to make him remember her, but he never achieved national and international ...
After the birth, and his failure to go through dozens of times. He could not recall. The love of her ...
The suffering of the women were watching the mock mock. The witch, who has been waiting for the woman to admit that ...
Love that even death. It may not have actually taken. She was surprised to discover that witch.
After a woman was not trying to make a memorial to their young.
Do not try to make men love her ... He's done everything that would make him happy.
And gave him a smile instead ...
One day, she kept her doubts to me. It appeared to me to ask. With her own ...
"You have abandoned your efforts to lose or ... An attempt to prove.
Let me see the power and the power of love over power even curse me .... "
"Actually, I have my reasons ..." The girl on her back to her.
"... I did not abandon the effort ... But ... I fear my efforts. The successful ... Then .......".
"Then you have to die ..." her voice to a mocking her.
"I was real scared to death ... I fear to lose your immortality ... Ha .... love it here for you ... ".
Women can not refuse. She confronted her and her allegation that
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