The definition of love.

The definition of love.

Many people define love it so much. But love has no shape. It is not tangible. It can not touch the body. But take heart. We can not tell where love will find you anywhere. But we often choose to find it takes a lifetime.We can not say that love is a beautiful thing. Because sometimes it comes to stains, tears and sadness. But some people just love to experience the same moment to remember it for life ... We can not say that love is actually like. Because each person has a different love ...


I can be a beautiful thing. But ironically, it is ready for you.
I will make you happy for life. But you may be suffering as if my life is.
I do not deceive. But you are kidding yourself to love.
Love is not about two people. But I was missing half of the heart.
True love does not come. It is a sacrifice that no one is around.

And the definition of love is ... what these racing Only you will know. The sound of your heart to see. When you hear your heart. Once there you will find the definition of love in your own.
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