The definition of love and life

18 The definition of love and life.

1. And I do not get the answer, but what he is suffering even more. Is to love someone. But not brave enough to let people know that. And have regrets later.
2. Love is the feeling you are concerned someone is. Despite a sense of enchantment and relationships with loved ones away.
3. The sad thing in life. Is to find someone who means a lot to us. It was discovered later that are not assigned to it. And will have to let it lapse
4. When the door of happiness closes. The gates of happiness, it will open. But we look to the besieged the doors closed. Until we see the doors of happiness for the other open.
5.'s Best friend is someone you can sit in the balcony along with each other without saying a single word. I can walk away feeling like talking to the most impressive.
6. It is true that we can not know what we have until we lose it ... I really like that we do not know what we missed some of the things that come to us.
7. We all love to someone. Is not a guarantee that he would love to answer. Do not expect me to answer. But wait for it to grow in his heart. If it is not so. I appreciate that at least it has flourished in our own minds.
8. What do you want to hear. But you will not hear it from the mouth of the person you want to hear. But do not act as a deaf not to hear it from people they tell you from the heart.
9. Do not say goodbye if you still want to try next. Do not be discouraged if you feel that you have to wait. Do not say you do not love him anymore. If you still can not "accept".
10. I tend to visit those who still hope. Although the visitors and those who still believe. Although it is treachery. The visitors, who still loves. Even though it was painful before.
11. Do not look at it from the face. It could fool us. Do not look at one of the wealthiest. Because it is not long lasting. Look for someone who makes you smile. The only way I can make the pale to bright.
12. We will appreciate it may take just a minute. We will like it may take just an hour. We would love to take a bad day. But to me it will take a lifetime.
13. Wish you enough happiness to make you a sweet. Tested enough to make you stronger. There is sorrow enough to make you still a human being. And hopeful enough to make you happy.
14. Be considerate If you feel that that will cause you pain. I know that others have suffered the same thing as well.
15. The beginning of love is to let those we love of one's own Do not pull him from his picture is. Otherwise, it means that we need only a reflection of ourselves that appear in them.
16. The happiest. That does not mean he's the best thing. But he can do what he is best separately.
17. A bright future based on the past to be forgotten. You can not do better next life. If not let go of past mistakes and heartbreak.
18. You cried when you were born in the people around me smiling. I live for when you die. You are the ones who smile. While the people around me crying for you ...

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