The definition of a friend. With the teachings of his father.

The definition of a friend. With the teachings of his father.

Few children of color will not show emotions very well. His father took him to a bag of nails. And tell him that.
"Every time he felt angry. Or angry someone to nail a character into the fence behind the house. "
The first day passed, the little boy they nailed him to the fence behind the house to 37 and gradually.
Reduced gradually each day that passes, it reduces the amount of the down low.
Because he felt that Known to control their own emotions. To a lot easier to nail.
And then after that he can control himself better. More calmly. He was found with his father and told his father that
They can control their emotions and not act rashly, but before it was ever smiling and told his son that
"If it is true, then you need to prove to me that every time he can control emotions. Their anger.
To remove a nail from the fence behind the house every time, "Day after day the little boy who is gradually Pull nails out one by one.
.... From 1 to 2 of 2 to 3 until all the nails were removed completely.
I am very, very few children ran to tell his father that "I do ในที่สุดฉันก็ทำจนสำเร็จ!".
I did not say anything. But his son's hand off the fence behind the house.And told her that
"Well done son, and you look back to the fence here. You see that fence, it is not the same.
.. Not that it ever was. I remember her whenever I do it with passion.
That is a scar like a sharp knife to stab someone.
Used to say "Sorry" I just can not erase the pain. Not denigrate the wound occurred to him that way, so it is.
"With Friends" .. a friend is like a precious gem, rare are the ones that make us smile are the ones to encourage.
And when we meet with success as someone who will comfort us when depressed.
I have shared with us and honest with us ... to show him. That we care about him much, and do what we do.
Whether it is words or actions. And always remember that "apology" that he will forgive us or not.
But it happens. The cracks that he could not forget it ...... forever ".
Hopefully this story will help us work together, live together with my good sense to get up and go
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