Car and Home Insurance Presentation

Car and Home Insurance Presentation

Your job for the next two days is to read about and create a PowerPoint presentation AND a poster to hang around the room about car, home or health insurance. You will be working on this in groups of 4 people.

Outlined below is a list of topics to include in your PowerPoint presentation. You will be required to present both the PPT and the poster to the class! EVERYONE in your group MUST talk during some part of your presentation.

You must also create a NOTES sheet that goes along with your PowerPoint. This may be a fill in the blanks, summaries, outline, etc. Your classmates will use these notes to study from prior to taking the insurance quiz. Please make sure this is thorough!!! J Make sure you have ALL the vocabulary words included in both your presentation and your handout!

Group 1: Page 466-471 (14.1) Insurance Basics

*Risk Management

*Premiums and Statistics

*What is Protects

*The Insurance Trade-Off

*Role of Insurance in the Economy

*Types (Property, Liability, Personal)

Group 2: Page 472-479 (14.2) Auto Insurance

*Types of Coverage

*How Much Insurance Should I Buy?

*Causes of Increasing Insurance Costs

*Factors Affecting Your Premium

*Reduce Your Premiums

Group 3: Page 480-486 (14.3) Home Insurance Coverage

*Types of Coverage

*Umbrella Policy

*Special Risk Coverage

*Renter’s Insurance

*How Much Should You Buy?

*Factors Affecting Your Premium

*Reduce Your Premium

Group 4: Page 500-505 (15.1) Health Insurance Basics

*Basic Coverage

*Additional Coverage Choices

*What’s Not Covered

*Catastrophic & Specified Disease Insurance

*Long-Term Care Insurance

*Disability Income Insurance

Group 5: Page 506-511 (15.2) Health Insurance Plans

*Fee-For-Service Plans



*How Managed Care Works



*POS (Point of Service)

Group 6: Page 512-517 (15.3) Choose a Healthcare Plan

*Group Health Insurance

*Individual Health Insurance

*Government-Sponsored Health Insurance

*How to Shop for Health Insurance

Group 7: Page 518-524 (15.4) Healthcare Rights and Responsibilities

*Patient’s Bill of Rights




*In-Plan Providers

*Pre-Existing Conditions

*Experimental Treatments

*The Appeals Process

Car, Health, Home Insurance Project Rubric

Group # _____________

Names of Individuals in Group _________________________________________________________________

*Work ethic during working days __________ / 10

*PowerPoint __________ / 25

-10 slide minimum

-ALL bullet points covered

-ALL vocabulary words covered

-printed out (6 slides to a page)

-NO spelling or grammar errors

*Guided Notes __________ / 10

-Goes along with PowerPoint

-NO spelling or grammar errors

-Turned in on time

*Poster __________ / 15

-Highlights ALL main points

-Creative, colorful and neat

*Presentation __________ / 20

-ALL group members spoke


-Discussed BOTH the PowerPoint and the Poster

TOTAL __________ / 80

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