About food safety.

About food safety.

1. Contaminants in food.

Contaminants in food. Is a toxic substance that occurs naturally and from human activities. This has resulted in physical harm to death.Contamination of food caused by the two types.

1. Toxin that occurs naturally. Divided into the following types of toxins.

1.1 toxins from bacteria such as coating solutions, toxin (aflatoxin), a substance made from a fungus that Aspen and margins Dallas (Aspergillus spp.) Guarani grow well in the peanuts and seeds. humid The heat can damage the coating solutions, a toxin. Most of the residues in the liver, causing liver cancer.

1.2 Toxic mushrooms, some of which do have nausea and vomiting.

1.3 of toxins in vegetables.

2. Toxin caused by human activities. Mainly as a result of progress in science and technology we used in our daily lives are as follows.

2.1 Agricultural residues such as DDT, fertilizers, pesticides. Which may accumulate in the food. When intake is harmful to living things.

2.2 contaminants in food is broken down into three categories.

1. Food is food. A substance that helps maintain food flavor, smell like when they first produced and stored for as long as preservatives, antioxidants etc.

2. Chemical odor or taste. A substance that gives food a desirable taste and aroma to consumers. Or flavoring. Consumers understand that it is genuine. Or a mixture of both is more or less artificial. These agents include.

- Spices

- The smell of fruit.

- Of the sweet taste of saccharin A substance that is sweet but not brown.

- MSG is a sodium compound, called the Blue Monster Metz. MSG is the sodium is a fake.

- Meta-phosphate and borax. This is a life-threatening.

3. Food coloring is added to help fill the food to eat even more. The colors of nature, which is derived from plants and animals are not harmful to living things, such as carbon black from the red wax and synthetic pollutants are most harmful to the body. Are lead and chromium, such as fabric dyes.

Toxic contaminants in food should be as follows.

1. Saltpeter (potassium nitrate), a formula KMnO3. Popular dishes include the beef, pork, fish do Enืgaepืeai color, taste great and keep it up. A substance causing nitrosamines are the compounds (nitrosamine), a cancer-causing substances.

2. Mercury poisoning from mercury to accumulate in the brain. The delusional memory loss, nerve paralysis child in the womb is destroyed.Hand kink retardation and death, this symptom is known as Minamata disease.

3. Lead paint and lead poisoning from automobile exhaust. Destroys brain cells. Destruction of red blood cells, headaches and possibly death.

4. Chromium, chromium compounds are used to make dyes. Poisoning of cattle were to be harmful to the skin and lungs.

5. Cadmium is toxic to lungs and kidneys. It causes the kidneys - but the kidney.

6. Arsenic can cause fever symptoms are nearly black. Severe abdominal pain and cramps.

7. Preservatives, additives and preservatives commonly used as acid and acid Salida Salida bots acid and sodium benzoate.

8. Borax or borax. A chemical called "sodium borates (sodium borate)" is called "dry box" or Chinese is called "Focus Group" to put the dough balls to kidney inflammation.

9. Powdered meat tenderizer mixed with borax is sodium hydrogen carbonate The substance is absorbed into the skin. Cause symptoms similar to meningitis. Toxic to the kidney and the cells of the body.

10. Saccharine A sweetener such as sugar, but it is not.

- Sorbitol in 2 to 3 times sweeter than sugar.

- Simon's class of 30 times sweeter than sugar.

- Aspen Park Tampa 180 times sweeter than cane sugar instead of sugar in beverages, candy, chewing gum.

- Saccharin, or chatting over a car. 550 times sweeter than cane sugar as a sweetener. If the intake would cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea was used instead of sugar for patients with diabetes and those who are overweight.

Their practices safe from contaminants in food are as follows.

1. To ensure that non-toxic food additives.

2 frozen fruits and vegetables in a solution of vinegar or potassium permanganate solution before eating.

3. Food colors, natural flavors.

4. Buying a product that is licensed by the FDA. Ministry of Public HealthTo ensure the safety of the food.

2. The vinegar in the right way.

"Vinegar" is a food that many households have a home to help add flavor to the food more delicious. The noodle dishes are a lot of people ... but it is also concerned with the consumption of these products are not less.

There are three kinds of vinegar available on the market first with a vinegar marinade. Caused by the fermentation of natural raw materials, rice and fruit. Flavor and taste to the raw material for vinegar is best.Followed by distilled vinegar. The distilled alcohol as raw material. Finally, artificial vinegar. The production of acetic acid concentration is relatively pure. The flavor, taste and acetic acid as possible. I did not go through fermentation.

So buying the vinegar. Observing the mark. Point. That it is the first thing to do. Then clean containers are sealed and should be a glass bottle. Because vinegar is acidic, so it should not be placed in plastic containers because they may be corrosive and cause harm to the body.

Artificial conditions of vinegar should run clear. Without any color added, and no sediment. The vinegar is fermented and distilled vinegar.There may be a brown color to chew it. Vinegar as well as in the sediment may be some natural ingredients but not the worm juice.

Also, note details on the label, the amount of acetic acid in vinegar, fermented and distilled vinegar is acetic acid content of not less than 4% of artificial vinegar. Acetic acid content of not less than 4% and not more than 7%.

Buying vinegar should be looked carefully. If in doubt, avoid consumer.For the safety of yourself and your loved ones.

3. MSG's a threat.

MSG is made from tapioca starch by chemical processes. The whole fermentation process and requires many chemicals such as sulfuric acid or sulfuric acid, Rick. Hydrochloric acid or hydrochloric acid, urea, a key ingredient in the urine of people. They also need to use caustic soda as well.

MSG has no nutritional benefit. Although associated with glutamic acid.The amino acids that are not necessary. Because the body produces itself. There is no nutritional value, but in any chemical addition, MSG is one of the glutamic acid that is naturally in protein foods. The MSG is the sodium salt as table salt. To separate the hydrochloric acid secretions in the stomach when hungry.

People who enjoy eating out. Or even a fast-food restaurants are. I had the numbness. Hot flashes at the mouth or tongue after eating and then some. Symptoms occur, and because I was allergic to MSG, the symptoms that occur only a short period of time, many people do not care enough. I know that there are many dangers of MSG. And not just the mouth or tongue, only tea. In cases of severe allergic reactions. It was angina. Breathing is not easy. There may be redness on the body.

In addition to acute allergic symptoms that occur as above. If you continue to eat foods containing MSG intake is very mixed and often it would be dangerous to the health of yourself as follows.

- The optic nerve is destroyed. The loss of vision or blind them.

- The bone marrow is destroyed. This system is an important part in the production of red blood cells within

- When the body is destroyed. The production of red blood cells, but the performance degradation. Can cause anemia. MSG is a vitamin that the body is absorbed into the body less In particular, vitamin B-6, causes the skin easily.

- The front part of the brain. That control the growth and reproduction was the slow growth and sterility.

- Central nervous system damage. The neurotic easier. Risk of mental retardation due to glutamate in the brain and cause the baby to have seizures. For pregnant women. MSG can cause fetal chromosomal changes, resulting in fetal death or disabilities such as cleft palate and brain outside the skull, arm or leg, abnormalities.

MSG is another carcinogen. They were prepared by exposure to heat, such as grilled or baked at high temperature structure of the chemical glutamate, which was cooked up, it will change.

Cooking, eating at home will help create a friendly family activities. Can also control the quality of food as well. But if you have to eat out regularly, you are wrong. The solution is to be avoided. Identifying the cook put MSG into the food. And avoid the soup to come together. It is home to the largest source of MSG.

With best wishes from ... Department of Consumer Protection and Public Health Pharmacy.

Provincial North.



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